6 Things They Have in Common

1) Affordable: ZenBusiness and IncFile both have prices that are much lower than other business formation services. In fact, these two services have some of the best prices online.

2) Great Customer Feedback: Although IncFile has a higher volume of reviews, both of these companies get very positive ratings from customers online.

3) Customer Support: These two services both have customer support reps that can answer your tough questions. Why go it alone when you can get help from ZenBusiness or IncFile?

4) Valuable Features: Both of these companies have feature-rich LLC formation service packages.

5) Experience: Both IncFile and ZenBusiness have helped form thousands of businesses over the years, and both have plenty of expertise. You can definitely trust these companies to have the experience they need to form your compliant LLC.

6) Efficiency: With either ZenBusiness or IncFile, you’re getting a service that’s capable of forming an LLC quickly. If you’re in a hurry, both have options available that can speed up your formation.

Side-by-Side Comparisons


Both LLC filing services offer a free package (just pay your state’s fee), in addition to higher-priced and feature-rich packages. Read on as we examine how these companies compare in several other categories. (See Zen Pricing)


The free ZenBusiness package includes a Statement of the Organizer, our ZenBusiness Money Essential expense and deduction tracking program, and a risk-free accounting assessment. As for IncFile, their baseline package includes a year of registered agent service.


IncFile opened in 2004, and since then they’ve helped form more than 800,000 businesses. ZenBusiness is a more recent addition to the industry, as we were founded in 2015, but we’ve formed 400,000+ businesses since then.

Customer Support

ZenBusiness offers phone, email, and chat support Monday through Friday between 9 am and 9 pm ET and on Sundays from 11 am-8 pm ET. We pride ourselves on continuously improving our customer service offering and providing prompt support and accurate responses.

We will note that IncFile’s response times can sometimes take a while, especially if you try to contact them via email.

Turnaround Times

Both LLC websites will show exactly how long it takes to form an LLC in your state. For an answer on how long it’ll take, visit each website and select “LLC” and your state. These companies have a significant difference in this area. IncFile bases its turnaround times on each state’s processing speeds.

On the other hand, ZenBusiness has turnaround times that vary by state as well, but our processing speeds also vary based on which package you purchase.

Order Tracking

Both of these service providers have order-tracking tools available on their websites. Simply log into your account, and you’ll find your order status in your profile.

Registered Agent Service

Every LLC in America is required to designate a registered agent, which is a person or business entity that receives important document deliveries (like service of process) from your state government, informs you of the receipt, then forwards the documents to you.

This is so crucial because the state needs to have a reliable means of contacting your business at any time. This role can be filled by a person or registered agent service.

ZenBusiness does not include registered agent service with its LLC formation packages. We charge $99 for the first year and $199 for each subsequent year. IncFile provides one free year of registered agent service with any LLC formation, and they charge $119 per year after that.

Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness excels when it comes to customer feedback, as we have more than 10,000 reviews available online, and nearly all of them are positive. Our clients are clearly satisfied with our services, and they frequently praise our efficiency, along with the general ease of use provided by our platform.

IncFile has more than 32,500 reviews just on Shopper Approved, and they still manage to maintain a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. Clearly, these are both impressive companies for customer feedback.

Ease of Use

Both of these companies have streamlined and user-friendly websites that are easy to navigate. In addition, both make it easy to examine and purchase their services.

Additional Services

Both ZenBusiness and IncFile provide many other business services, and there’s quite a bit of overlap between these companies’ offerings. For example, both offer registered agent service, operating agreement templates, amendments, and EIN acquisition.

However, only ZenBusiness provides its customers with publication service for LLC formations, where required (such as in New York). On the other hand, IncFile will perform a trademark name search, which is a service ZenBusiness does not provide.

Finally, keep in mind that ZenBusiness includes a year of annual report service with all of its LLC formation packages, which IncFile does not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

If I Choose ZenBusiness, Which Package Should I Choose?

First, it’s hard to find any fault with our Starter plan because it includes the full formation of your LLC for free (just pay your state’s required fee).

You might also be interested in our $299 Premium plan, which adds ongoing compliance assistance, a custom operating agreement, and a business website package, among other features. (See them here)

How Do IncFile & ZenBusiness compare to LegalZoom?

When reviewing LLC formation services, it’s impossible to not talk about the most well-known option, LegalZoom. If you’d like to see how the two services in this comparison stack up to it, see our ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom comparison or IncFile vs LegalZoom comparison.

Does Either Handle New York Publication Requirements?

If you’re looking for a company that does offer this service, you might want to check out ZenBusiness, because we handle all state-specific compliance requirements. For more information on the best New York LLC publication services, take a look at our full guide on this topic.

Does Either of These Services Have a Refund Policy?

IncFile’s refund policy is very strict, as they only grant refunds if they’re requested before they send your money to the state, which they say is typically within 24 hours of placing your order, and even then there’s a $30 cancellation fee. After they submit payment to the state, they grant no refunds.

Meanwhile, the ZenBusiness refund policy is one of the best in the industry. While many competitors have vague refund policies or even refuse refunds outright, ZenBusiness offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Can I Just Form an LLC On My Own, Without a Service?

You sure can. In fact, a lot of entrepreneurs choose to do just that, forgoing professional assistance to form their own LLCs. If this is something you’d like to do, check out our step-by-step guide.

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