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Last updated on: February 5th, 2019

BizFilings vs IncFile (Who’s Your Best Bet?)

BizFilings vs IncFile

Do you need to form a new LLC, but you’re less than thrilled about pursuing the DIY route?

Thankfully, there are service providers like BizFilings and IncFile that can help you through the formation process, but how do you decide which one to use?

In this BizFilings vs IncFile LLC service comparison, we’ll walk through their commonalities and major differences. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a better idea which one is the right pick to help form your LLC.

* Note: If you would like to compare the top LLC services, we reviewed and ranked the best based on overall value-price-reliability. See Comparison.


Quick Summary

BizFilings and IncFile are two highly reliable and trustworthy LLC formation service providers, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of them. However, IncFile does have some advantages that make them our top pick overall.

Most importantly, IncFile’s base rate of $49 is considerably less expensive than the $99 starting price point at BizFilings. Furthermore, IncFile includes a full year of registered agent in their baseline formation package, but BizFilings only includes six months.

Would you like to know more before making your decision? Read on to discover all the relevant details that set these service providers apart.


7 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: If you’re trying to save money, look no further. These companies can both save you hundreds of dollars over hiring a business attorney to draft and file your formation documents.

2) Customer Support: Even though you’re saving a significant sum by going with BizFilings or IncFile instead of a lawyer, you still won’t be going it alone. These providers both offer convenient customer service solutions that can get your tough questions answered in an efficient manner.

3) Experience: Is experience a priority for you? IncFile and BizFilings have each helped form thousands of businesses over the years, meaning they have the expertise and knowhow necessary to efficiently form your compliant LLC.

4) Registered Agent: Most businesses will require registered agent service to receive and forward your government documents. IncFile offers a full year of registered agent with any formation package, and BizFilings supplies 6 months. Many of their competitors don’t include any registered agent service in their formation packages. (What is a registered agent?)

5) Additional Services: LLC service is just the beginning when it comes to what these companies have to offer. BizFilings and IncFile both have dozens of business solutions that can help your new LLC remain compliant down the road, from federal tax ID numbers (EIN) to foreign qualifications and much more.

6) Security: Both of these providers are serious about your security. IncFile and BizFilings protect their sites with Norton Web Security, which defends their websites from malware and encrypts all data transmissions, helping ensure your online safety.

7) Efficiency: Do you need to form your LLC in a hurry? Both BizFilings and IncFile offer expedited processing (for a price, of course) that can dramatically speed up your turnaround times from a matter of weeks down to just a few days in many states.


Side by Side Comparisons


With a base rate of just $49 for LLC formation service, IncFile costs less than half as much as BizFilings, which starts their pricing at $99. (See Details)


As mentioned previously, BizFilings offers six months of registered agent with their formation packages, but IncFile supplies a full year. In addition, IncFile provides company alerts for upcoming filing deadlines for the life of your business, but BizFilings again only offers this service for six months. Aside from that, IncFile also includes a business tax consultation which BizFilings doesn’t provide.


BizFilings has formed over 500,000 businesses since they opened back in 1996, which is higher than the customer volume handled by IncFile. IncFile has 150,000+ business formations under their belt, and they formed in 2004.

Customer Support

BizFilings and IncFile are quite similar when it comes to customer service. BizFilings has slightly longer hours of operation, as they’re open from 9am to 8pm ET on weekdays, compared to IncFile’s availability of 10am to 7pm ET Monday through Friday. Both companies employ knowledgeable and friendly support reps that can handle your tough questions with ease.

The one difference we’ve noticed between the two is that BizFilings is typically a bit easier to get in touch with. While they’re quite responsive most of the time, IncFile can sometimes take until the next business day to respond to your emails or phone calls.

Turnaround Times

BizFilings and IncFile both base their turnaround times on requirements from your state of formation, and both providers conveniently list estimated processing times on their websites. Additionally, they both offer expediting service (for an extra fee). In general, they’re nearly identical when it comes to turnarounds.

Order Tracking

Another category, another close similarity. Both IncFile and BizFilings have real-time order status tracking tools on their websites that track your formation from placing your order to the moment your completed documents are shipped to you.

Registered Agent Service

Both providers include registered agent service with any LLC formation — six months from BizFilings, and a whole year from IncFile. After those free trial periods, BizFilings charges $149 per year, but IncFile has an annual price point of $119.

Customer Reviews

This is perhaps the biggest difference between these companies. BizFilings essentially does not have customer feedback, which is quite odd to say the least. We found just three customer reviews anywhere online, which is very unusual for a company with more than half a million clients.

On the other hand, IncFile doesn’t just have hundreds of customer reviews available online, they have thousands of them. Furthermore, their feedback is almost entirely positive, with critical reviews in extremely short supply. Customer feedback is a huge pro for IncFile.

Ease of Use

If these providers didn’t make their services easy to use, they wouldn’t have much reason to exist. Both IncFile and BizFilings can really streamline the formation process, and all you have to do in many cases is give them some basic info about your company. We will give a slight advantage to IncFile because their website is a bit more modern and user-friendly, but it’s not a big deal at all.


The LLC Formation Service for You?

There are many similarities between BizFilings and IncFile, perhaps more than you usually see between most companies in this industry. They’re both highly experienced and legitimate operations, and each one has some advantages over the other.

If you’re still undecided, let’s close by going over a couple of scenarios that might point you in one direction or the other.

Choose BizFilings if You Are:

If you need consistently fast responses to your customer service queries, give BizFilings a look.

Choose IncFile if You Are:

If you want the provider with the best prices and stellar customer reviews, IncFile is worthy of handling your LLC formation service.

Starting at $99

  • Best if you want
  • faster customer support