Do you need to form a limited liability company, but you don’t want to bother with the complexities and hassles of forming your own LLC?

There are many companies like Northwest Registered Agent and Swyft Filings that offer high-quality LLC formation service, but it can be tough to figure out which one is the best option for your new business.

In this Northwest Registered Agent vs Swyft Filings comparison guide, you’ll find all the relevant information about these two reputable service providers organized in a convenient manner. Let’s find out which one is the right choice for your LLC!

Do Swyft Filings and Northwest Offer Good Value?

Northwest and Swyft Filings are two of the most popular companies in the LLC services industry, and we’re quite confident in their abilities to efficiently form your compliant business entity. Each of these companies has its own advantages when compared to each other.

While Swyft Filings does have good value, they don’t include registered agent service with their LLC formation packages, which Northwest does. In addition, Northwest has high-quality customer support, with a highly personalized approach that Swyft Filings can’t compete with.

Would you like to learn the details that set these service providers apart, as well as the common characteristics they both share? Read on as we discuss all the information you need to make a decision between these two respected companies.

Swyft Filings

  • If you want a strong
  • customer feedback reputation

7 Things They Have in Common

1) Affordable: With either Northwest or Swyft Filings, you’ll save a significant amount of money on your LLC formation compared to hiring a business attorney to handle your formation process.

2) Great Customer Feedback: Although Swyft Filings has a higher volume of feedback, both of these companies receive high average rating scores in their customer reviews, which indicates an excellent level of client satisfaction.

3) Efficiency: Whether you choose Northwest or Swyft Filings, you’re getting a service provider that’s capable of processing an LLC formation quickly. If you’re in a hurry, they both have options available that can speed up your formation.

4) Experience: Both Swyft Filings and Northwest have helped form thousands of businesses over the years, and they both have plenty of expertise. You can definitely trust them to have the experience they need to form your compliant LLC.

5) Trustworthy: These are both entirely legitimate operations with strong track records. These aren’t fly-by-night companies, but rather they’re well-respected entities with plenty of expertise to get the job done right.

6) Additional Services: LLC formation is far from the only service offered by Northwest and Swyft Filings. They both have tons of other services available, from registered agent service to foreign qualifications and much more. They’re one-stop shops for business services.

7) Customer Support: While the ways they go about providing it vary quite a bit, these two services both have customer support networks that can answer your tough questions. Why go it alone when you can get help from Northwest or Swyft Filings?

Side-by-Side Comparisons


Northwest charges $39 for its LLC formation service package if you use our discount (otherwise, it’s $225), while Swyft Filings offers LLC service for $49. Obviously, everyone would rather pay $39 than $49. That said, a $10 difference isn’t significant in our opinion, so we’ll need to take a look at some more categories to determine a preference in this comparison.


As we mentioned, Northwest bundles in 12 months of registered agent service with any LLC formation package purchase, although they don’t include any other valuable features. Swyft Filings excludes registered agent service from their packages, but they do include their corporate compliance monitoring tool to help you keep track of important filing dates and deadlines.

This category isn’t a particularly close competition, as the year of registered agent service provided by Northwest is more valuable than the compliance monitor Swyft Filings has to offer.


Northwest was formed in 1998, and since then they’ve served more than two million customers. They also indicate on their website that they deal with hundreds of new LLCs and corporations every day. As for Swyft Filings, they opened in 2012, but it’s difficult to find any more information than that. Swyft Filings does not share many details about their company history.

Customer Support

Swyft Filings has support available from 10 am to 7 pm ET on weekdays, and you can reach them by phone or via chat. Their customer service isn’t anything special, but they do get the job done. Northwest, on the other hand, has personalized customer support. Their highly trained support representatives have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw upon, and they go way beyond the level of the traditional “call center” style of support offered by most competitors.

Turnaround Times

With Swyft Filings, turnaround times are based on the requirements of each state. These processing times can vary from just a couple of business days all the way up to several weeks. Northwest’s turnaround times also vary based on state requirements. While one or the other might be a bit faster in your state, for the most part, these companies have quite comparable processing speeds.

Order Tracking

Both of these service providers have order tracking tools available on their websites. Simply log into your account and you’ll find your order status in your profile.

Registered Agent Service

Every LLC in America is required to designate a registered agent, which is a person or business entity that receives important document deliveries (like service of process) from your state government, informs you of the receipt, then forwards the documents to you. This is so crucial because the state needs to have a reliable means of contacting your business at any time.

Northwest includes 12 months of registered agent service with any LLC formation, and this service costs $125 per year after that. Northwest also offers volume discounts if you need service in multiple states. Swyft Filings does not bundle in registered agent service with LLC service, and their rate to add it on is $149. It’s also worth mentioning that Northwest locally scans every document they receive on your behalf, while Swyft Filings only scans the required government forms.

Customer Reviews

Northwest receives mostly positive customer reviews. We found nearly 400 reviews of their services, and the vast majority of their feedback is quite positive. Still, for a company with millions of customers, we had hoped for a slightly higher volume of reviews.

While Northwest has impressive feedback, Swyft Filings takes things a step further. They have more than 75,000 reviews online, and they still maintain high rating scores.

Ease of Use

These companies are relative equals in this category, as they both make the LLC formation process quite simple compared to forming your own business using the DIY method. This category is a toss-up for Swyft Filings and Northwest Registered Agent.

Additional Services

Both of these companies provide a vast array of services beyond simply forming your LLC. For example, they both offer registered agent service, annual reports, business license research, and foreign qualifications. However, they also both provide some services that the other company lacks.

Northwest Registered Agent offers its clients mail forwarding and virtual office services, which Swyft Filings does not offer. On the other hand, Swyft Filings will help you with apostille and entity conversions, services Northwest lacks.

Which Is the Best LLC Service for You?

Northwest and Swyft Filings have plenty of common characteristics that make them two of the top LLC formation services available, but they also have some major differences that set them apart. If you haven’t yet made up your mind between them, let’s finish this comparison by quickly describing some scenarios that may sway your opinion one way or the other.

Regardless of which one you ultimately choose to help form your LLC, we think you’ll be quite pleased with the service you receive from these companies.

➥ Choose Northwest if You Are:

If receiving a reliable registered agent service for your business at no extra cost is a priority for you, Northwest is a good option. Their personalized customer support is a solid selling point as well.

➦ Choose Swyft Filings if You Are:

Does their strong customer feedback appeal to you? This is a good reason to choose Swyft Filings.

Swyft Filings

  • If you want a strong
  • customer feedback reputation

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Decide to Use Northwest Registered Agent, Which Package Should I Choose?

Northwest’s prices are always fair, and we never feel like we’re paying more than their services are worth, especially with our discount, which cuts the LLC formation service price point from $225 down to $39. They only offer one package for LLC formations, but it includes everything you need to get your business off the ground — a name availability check, the preparation and filing of your formation documents, and a year of registered agent service.

Does Northwest Handle Extra State Requirements Like New York Publication?

Yes and no. Northwest doesn’t offer to handle state-specific requirements entirely, but they do offer significant assistance with them. If, for example, you need to complete New York’s publication requirement, Northwest encourages you to use their Albany, NY address as an “address for service of process” or a “principal office.”

They then provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you complete this requirement. However, Northwest leaves you on your own to do all of the legwork. On the other hand, Swyft Filings offers to handle this entire process on your behalf.

If you’d like more information on the best options for New York LLC publication services, check out our full guide on this topic.

Which Service Has Fewer Upsells?

We appreciate both of these companies in this regard, as neither of them gets pushy with upsells like some of their competitors do. For example, LegalZoom pushes more than $1,000 in upsells on its customers, while Northwest and Swyft Filings mostly avoid doing this.

Does Either of These Services Have a Refund Policy?

One of the biggest advantages Swyft Filings has over its competitors is its excellent refund policy. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, they ensure that any customer who requests a refund will receive one. They don’t have time limits on their guarantee (you’ll often see 30-day or 60-day refund windows with other companies), and they don’t charge cancellation fees either.

As for Northwest, they have a flat $25 fee for refunds, which they refer to as a “You changed your mind fee.”

Which LLC Formation Website Is Faster?

Generally speaking, these companies are pretty close when it comes to turnaround times. However, we’ve noticed that Swyft Filings is often a bit slower than Northwest if you order their standard processing, but their expedited speeds can be faster.

For example, Swyft Filings takes 20 business days to form an LLC in Idaho, unless you choose their expedited processing, in which case it takes them 5-7 business days. For Northwest to form a business in this same state, their standard processing is 12 days, and their expedited offer is eight days.

Can I Just Form an LLC On My Own, Without a Service?

Of course you can. In fact, thousands of American entrepreneurs form their own business entities each year. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with doing this, we will caution that because each state is allowed to create its own rules regarding how LLCs are formed, there is some variance from state to state regarding how an LLC is formed.

Furthermore, we appreciate the peace of mind we receive from hiring a reputable company like Northwest or Swyft Filings to form our businesses.

In Conclusion

Northwest Registered Agent and Swyft Filings are two of the most popular LLC formation services available, and they both have plenty of strong attributes.

We wouldn’t blame you for preferring one over the other — either way, you’re using one of the best companies in the industry.

Ready to Create Your LLC Online?

Create your LLC with Swyft Filings or get started with Northwest.

Swyft Filings

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  • customer feedback reputation

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