IncFile vs LegalZoom (Which is Better?)

Incfile vs legalzoomAre you ready to form an LLC but aren’t sure which service to use? LLC services like IncFile and LegalZoom can prepare your formation documents and file them for you, which removes a large weight from your shoulders.

This IncFile vs LegalZoom comparison runs down the commonalities and differences between these two heavyweights in the LLC services industry. Both companies provide similar services, but there are also some significant areas where they are different.

Which one is the right choice for you?


6 Things They Have In Common

  1. Affordable: Both of these providers can save you a significant amount of money over hiring a business attorney to draft and file your formation papers.
  2. Customer Support: If you have any questions or concerns, IncFile and LegalZoom have extensive customer support systems with helpful, professional representatives. This is one of the biggest advantages over the DIY route.
  3. Your Info Is Secure: Their websites both keep your data safe and protect you from malware, thanks to the combination of Norton Web Security and their own security measures.
  4. Experience: LegalZoom and IncFile both have extensive track records. Both companies serve thousands of customers every year and are quite capable of handling your formation.
  5. Customer Reviews: Seeing as both companies are extensively experienced, there are loads of customer reviews for IncFile and LegalZoom across the web. It’s easy to get a grasp on what their customer experiences are like.
  6. Additional Services: They each offer extensive business solutions beyond LLC formation. From registered agent service, to business licensing, they can help you just as much down the line as they can today.


Side by Side Comparisons


IncFile is $30 more affordable than LegalZoom. Their base package costs just $49 compared to LegalZoom’s $79 starting price point. (See Details)


With IncFile, you receive a full year of registered agent service and an hour-long business tax consultation with any formation package, which LegalZoom does not include. On the other hand, LegalZoom via paid add-ons, will give you access to attorneys on their platform. Overall, side-by-side, IncFile is far more feature generous across all packages.


IncFile has served 150,000+ businesses since they got started in 2004. On the other hand, LegalZoom has formed over 1 million businesses since 1999.

Customer Support

These are both large companies with extensive support systems, and are both a bit inconsistent as a result. With providers this big, some reps will be more helpful than others, and that’s certainly the case here.

LegalZoom has extended customer service hours that are highly convenient because you don’t have to interrupt your business day to contact them. They’re available from 8am to 10pm ET every weekday, and 10am to 7pm ET on weekends. IncFile’s support reps are available from 10am to 7pm ET on weekdays, and they are not open on weekends.

Turnaround Times

LegalZoom’s estimated turnarounds are based on the level of service you order: Economy (30 days), Standard (15 days) or Express Gold (7-10 days). IncFile’s turnaround times are based on your state of formation, and there’s a wide range from 1-2 days all the way up to 8 weeks.

Order Tracking

Both services offer online tracking where you can view real-time order status updates.

Registered Agent Service

IncFile gives you your first year of registered agent for free with any formation package, and charges $119 annually after that. LegalZoom does not include registered agent with your LLC service, but you can order the service for $159/year. (What is a registered agent?)

Customer Reviews

LegalZoom has mixed feedback from their customers, with a 3.2 rating out of 5 on SiteJabber. On the other hand, IncFile gets nearly universal positive feedback from their customers, maintaining a 4.8 score out of 5 on Shopper Approved.

Ease of Use

This is one area where these companies are dead even. Both of them can save you a ton of time and hassle, with easy-to-understand services and efficient LLC formations.


Which Is Better?

As you can see, there are plenty of similarities between IncFile and LegalZoom, but also many differences. In case you’re still undecided about which one to use, let’s review a couple of scenarios that can help you choose whether IncFile or LegalZoom should help you form your LLC.

No matter which one you decide to use for your LLC service, we wish you the best of luck in all your future business endeavors!

Choose IncFile: If you want the best price. IncFile can save you money over LegalZoom’s base rate, while also including some valuable services like registered agent that LegalZoom makes you pay extra for. Also, if customer reviews are important to you, IncFile also has a big advantage in that area.

Choose LegalZoomIf experience and brand power are your top priorities, then LegalZoom is the better fit for you.

Starting at $49

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