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3 Best LegalZoom LLC Service Alternatives

Do you want to form an LLC, but you don’t know if LegalZoom is the best company to assist with your formation? With so many choices for LLC service online, it can be tricky to figure out which one would best serve your company.

This LegalZoom LLC service alternatives guide is structured in a way that gives you a quick rundown on a few of their competitors, in order to discern if one of them might be a better choice for you.

Best LegalZoom Alternative

Northwest was formed in 1998, and with thousands of LLC formations since then, they’re an experienced and reliable option. If you’re looking for a solid mid-size company, they might just be the right choice for you. How do they compare to LegalZoom?

  • When it comes to price, Northwest Registered Agent wins easily. Their starting price point of $79 is less than half as expensive as LegalZoom’s $149 package, although IncFile is still the most affordable of these options at $49.
  • Northwest’s claim to fame is their next-level customer support network. They assign one of their Corporate Guides to each client account, which means that if you ever have any questions, you can contact that person directly instead of phoning into an anonymous call center.
  • As you may have guessed from reading their name, Northwest Registered Agent excels at offering registered agent service, and they include a full year with any formation package. Furthermore, Northwest is the only major business services provider that locally scans each and every document they receive on your behalf.

Finally, Northwest Registered Agent receives mostly positive customer reviews, although they only have a few dozen reviews available online, so their sample size isn’t nearly as large as that of IncFile or LegalZoom.

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The ownership group behind CorpNet started providing LLC services in 1997, and since then they’ve served 100,000+ businesses. They’re another LLC provider with their own set of advantages, so let’s see where their pros and cons are in relation to LegalZoom.

  • Their base rate of $108 (plus state fee) is higher than Northwest Registered Agent or IncFile, but it’s still lower than LegalZoom’s $149 price point.
  • Do you appreciate the safety net provided by a 100% satisfaction guarantee? With CorpNet, you have 60 days to analyze your purchase, and if you regret it for any reason, simply request a refund and they’ll pay back any fees you paid to CorpNet. LegalZoom has a similar guarantee, but IncFile and Northwest do not.
  • CorpNet has fantastic customer feedback, with hundreds of reviews that are almost universally positive. As we’ve discussed, LegalZoom struggles from time to time when it comes to customer reviews, so this is a major advantage.

CorpNet doesn’t exactly jump off the page in any one area compared to their competitors, but they’re a strong company with well-rounded formation packages. They’re well worth considering.

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Which Should You Choose?

These four service providers are all worthy of forming your LLC. They’re reliable, legitimate operations with extensive track records. Generally, IncFile has the best prices, LegalZoom handles the most clients, Northwest Registered Agent has outstanding customer support, and CorpNet is pretty good at everything.

Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll be saving a significant amount of money over hiring a traditional law firm to draft and file your LLC formation papers.

At the end of the day, IncFile is our favorite LegalZoom alternative. IncFile’s low prices and great services are a winning combination that not many competitors can match.