Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review (Pros, Cons & More)

Northwest_Registered_Agent_ReviewSince opening their doors in 1998, Northwest Registered Agent has carved out a niche as a medium-sized company providing LLC formation and other legal services for business.

This Northwest Registered Agent LLC service review discusses all of the details that set them apart from the competition and should help you decide whether you’d like to use their services.


Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Northwest Registered Agent:

  • Many of the big companies in this industry make you feel like a number rather than a person. That won’t happen with Northwest Registered Agent, as their personalized approach is what they’re known for.
  • They offer some advanced features that the competition doesn’t, like business mail and call forwarding.
  • Unlike many of their competitors, Northwest Registered Agent won’t sell your information to other companies. They also run their own servers and write their own code. In short, they take your security seriously.

Disadvantages of Northwest Registered Agent:

  • Pricing for LLC formation begins at $225 before state fee, which does not include a federal tax ID number or EIN which most companies need. By contrast, IncFile’s Gold LLC formation package costs $149 and includes an EIN.
  • If you aren’t 100% certain of what you need, you should probably speak to a lawyer. Northwest Registered Agent can’t really help you determine what business structure you should form, or what type of taxation model you’d like to follow.


Northwest Registered Agent LLC Packages

Northwest Registered Agent offers one general LLC formation package, which starts at $225 before state fee.

While this price is noticeably higher than many competitors’ rates, it’s worth noting that it does include a full year of their premium registered agent service, which is a $125 value. (What is a registered agent?)

In addition to a registered agent, their LLC customers also receive the following features:

  • Drafting and filing of your formation articles
  • LLC operating agreement to define the structure of your company
  • LLC membership certificates for your owners
  • Online dashboard to manage ongoing compliance requirements

Northwest Registered Agent also offers a number of optional features on an a la carte basis:

  • Federal tax ID number or EIN ($50): Allows you to hire employees, open business bank accounts, file company taxes and more.
  • Apostille and overnight delivery ($400): Authenticates legal documents for use in foreign countries.
  • Certified copy of formation documents ($65): Helps you apply for loans, foreign qualifications, etc.
  • Certificate of Good Standing ($78): A quick overview of your company’s compliance status, needed for licensing and permit renewals, some specific bank transactions, etc.
  • Annual reports ($100): They will draft and file your annual reports to keep you compliant with your state of formation.
  • Corporate kit and seal ($75): Symbolic binder and wax seal to organize your company documents.
  • Mail forwarding ($50/month): They’ll either open and scan your mail, or repackage it and forward it daily. Service available in Delaware, Montana, and Wyoming.
  • Call forwarding with phone number ($9/month): Acquire a phone number in any state and have calls forwarded to your phone.

While many competitors will have 3-4 LLC formation packages to choose from, bundling many of the above services together, Northwest Registered Agent opts for the a la carte approach. While it isn’t always the most cost-effective, it does ensure that you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need.

As for which features are commonly required, you’ll probably need an EIN for your business, so let’s add that onto the base $225 LLC formation fee to get a $275 estimated total cost, plus state fee.


What Are Other Entrepreneurs Saying?

There aren’t a ton of online customer reviews for Northwest Registered Agent — in fact, we only found a couple dozen of them scattered across 3 sites (Google, Yelp, BBB). The majority of these reviews are positive, with customers praising the support they receive and complimenting Northwest Registered Agent for the speed of their services.

Overall, Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t move the needle one way or the other with customer feedback. It would be nice to see more reviews in general, but the lack of negative feedback is certainly a plus.


Should You Use Northwest Registered Agent?

At the end of the day, there are more factors working in Northwest Registered Agent’s favor than there are working against them. They’re perfectly capable and worthy of handling your LLC formation process.

To wrap things up, here are a couple of scenarios where you perhaps should or should not use Northwest Registered Agent for LLC services.

When to Use Northwest Registered Agent:

If you’re looking for personalized customer service and an adaptable, customizable set of features for LLC formation service, look no further than Northwest Registered Agent.

When NOT to Use Northwest Registered Agent:

Some of their competitors can save you money, like IncFile for example. Along those same lines, if you need a lot of additional features with your LLC formation service, you might be better served checking out a competitor’s bundled package to see if they have everything you need.

Final Verdict:

Northwest Registered Agent is an easy company to recommend for LLC formation service, as their customer support is highly personalized and their service is easily customizable. If you would like to read more about other options, head on over to our guide to the top LLC services. If you want to start the LLC formation process with Northwest Registered Agent, feel free to visit their site directly.

Northwest Registered Agent
Starting at $225

  • A great service if you want
  • exceptional customer support