Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Review (Pros & Cons)

Rocket Lawyer ReviewWith over 7 million businesses served since they opened in 2008, Rocket Lawyer processes a huge volume of LLC formations. There are many providers offering LLC formation services, but Rocket Lawyer is one of the most popular despite strong competition.

This Rocket Lawyer LLC service review is structured to help you discern whether you’d like to enlist the help of their services for your business.


Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Rocket Lawyer:

  • They offer a comprehensive legal services subscription which includes all sorts of document filings including LLC formation at no extra charge, while also granting access to attorney consults and more. With their 7-day free trial offer, there’s no risk involved to trying it.
  • Rocket Lawyer has extended customer support hours than run for 12 hours every weekday, and their service agents are friendly and helpful in our experience.
  • As long as you contact them within 30 days of purchase, they provide a satisfaction guarantee that covers 100% of all fees paid to Rocket Lawyer. They’ll either resolve the issue, credit your account for other purchases or simply give your money back.

Disadvantages of Rocket Lawyer:

  • Rocket Lawyer is not the most affordable LLC service, with pricing that starts at $99.95. There are alternatives that will form your LLC for $50.95 less. (See Top Services)
  • Their customer feedback is not exactly first-rate, as their reviews on 3rd-party aggregate sites are decidedly mixed.


Rocket Lawyer LLC Packages

Rocket Lawyer doesn’t have multiple LLC formation service packages like many of their competitors do. Instead, they present two alternative options to customers looking to form an LLC: either subscribe to their legal services program, or purchase a one-time LLC formation.

For non-members, it’s a straightforward package for $99.95. This includes the basics of LLC formation like a business name availability check, and the drafting and filing of your formation articles. In addition, whether you’re a member or not, all orders include complimentary rush filing.

Still, it’s pretty clear that Rocket Lawyer would much rather have you sign up for at least a trial of their legal services subscription. If you select the non-member package, they prompt you at checkout to change your order to an online legal services plan.

There’s plenty of good reasons to do just that, as you’ll receive your LLC formation service absolutely free of charge with their trial. If you decide to keep the subscription at the rate of $49.95 per month, you’ll receive registered agent service, a comprehensive document library, consultations and document reviews from qualified attorneys and much more.

Some businesses can get a ton of value out of a Rocket Lawyer legal services subscription but not everyone needs it. I don’t highly recommend the non-member LLC formation package because combining that $99.95 with a year of registered agent service drives the price up to $249.90, and you would still have to obtain an EIN on top of that.

At the end of the day, whether Rocket Lawyer is right for you or not basically comes down to whether you think you’ll get good value out of the $49.95 monthly subscription.


What Are Other Entrepreneurs Saying?

If you scan around the internet, you can find a few hundred reviews written by Rocket Lawyer customers. The majority of those are on SiteJabber, though there’s a few dozen more split between TrustPilot and The content of those reviews is rather mixed, with their satisfied customers voicing their appreciation for Rocket Lawyer’s ease of use. However, there are also plenty of unhappy customers with concerns about billing issues.

To get a better idea for yourself what their customers are saying, it’s advisable to spend a few minutes scanning through this feedback on your own. Overall, it would be nice to see more positive reviews, but when the most common trend in critical feedback seems to be “people who didn’t understand what a 7-day trial meant,” I’m not overly concerned about their customer reviews either.


Should You Use Rocket Lawyer?

Rocket Lawyer is a solid option for LLC formation service. They have a huge volume of customers and significant brand power, and their legal services subscription is highly valuable for businesses that can get the full value out of it.

They’re not the ideal choice for all companies, of course, so let’s take a look at a couple of scenarios that might clarify just a bit further who they’re right for.

When to Use Rocket Lawyer:

If you think their online legal services program is a good fit for your company, you can receive your LLC formation at no extra charge beyond the $49.95 monthly fee.

When NOT to Use Rocket Lawyer:

If all you want is LLC formation service, there are cheaper places to get the basic service offered by Rocket Lawyer’s non-member package. For example, IncFile’s LLC formation packages start at $49, which includes a year of registered agent service.

Final Verdict:

Rocket Lawyer provides quality LLC formation service, and for customers interested in their legal services subscription, it’s an excellent value.

Rocket Lawyer
Starting at $99.95

  • A great service if you want
  • LLC formation & ongoing legal services