Active Filings LLC Service Review (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Active Filings LLC ReviewActive Filings opened in 2001, and since then they’ve served over 60,000 customers with a variety of business solutions.

The LLC services industry is a highly competitive industry, yet Active Filings continues to find a way to maintain a prominent position within the industry.

This Active Filings LLC service review highlights the important points you need to know about when considering whether or not you want to use their services.


Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Active Filings:

  • Active Filings is one of the top picks for Spanish-speaking customers, as they have a full Spanish version of their website and bilingual support reps. Even for those customers who also speak English as a second language, it’s nice to have the option for Spanish-language support.
  • With Active Filings, you’ll receive 12 months of registered agent service with any LLC formation purchase. Since most companies need registered agent anyway, it’s highly valuable to get it packaged in for no extra charge.
  • They have a full list of average turnaround times by state, displaying estimates for both regular and expedited processing in all 50 states. This might seem simple, but it’s amazing how few of their competitors make it this easy to see turnarounds. Active Filings must be pretty confident in their efficiency to display these times on their site when many competitors won’t.
  • Even if you decide to use one of their competitors for your LLC formation, you can still take advantage of Active Filings free business name check.

Disadvantages of Active Filings:

  • Their top two formation packages (Complete and Premium), are not assembled in a way that makes them easily justifiable purchases. They both pad their value with some unnecessary features.


Active Filings LLC Packages

Active Filings offers LLC formation customers 3 service packages, each of which has a specific set of features geared toward providing varying levels of business solutions. If you want to see how they describe the details of each package in their own words, check out their website.

While no two businesses are the same, and it’s therefore difficult to say that any one package will suit all LLCs, there are some major differences in value between these packages. In fact, in my opinion there’s only one viable option with Active Filings.

Keep in mind that Active Filings prices vary a bit from state to state, but they don’t diverge more than a few dollars in one way or the other for most states. I’ll use rough average prices below.

The Starter = $25

At a price point of $25 (plus state fee), the Starter package includes the essential elements of formation like a business name availability check, and the preparation and filing of your formation articles. In addition, you will receive a full year of registered agent service, and the digital delivery of your completed formation documents. The Starter package is more than just the pure basics, as it does include a nice selection of supplementary features.

The Sprinter = $125

The next step up is the Sprinter package, which checks in at $125 before state fees. At this level, you get everything from the Starter package, along with a federal tax ID number or EIN + expedited service. An EIN allows you to hire employees, open business checking and/or savings accounts, file your company taxes and other important business functions.

The Finisher = $275

Finally, we reach the Finisher package, which adds an LLC kit and seal, which is a symbolic wax seal and binder to organize your company documents. At the end of the day, the Finisher package still makes you pay quite a bit for the binder and seal, and I just can’t justify that because it doesn’t help your business in any meaningful way.

My Opinion

I think the best route is to select the Starter package, then add an EIN. You’ll be forming your LLC, get a free registered agent, and the Tax ID Number you’ll need. It’s a strong bargain.


What Are Other Entrepreneurs Saying?

The only online resource with a collection of reviews for Active Filings is Facebook, where you can find a couple dozen reviews. While that’s not a ton of feedback, it is worth noting that every single review is about as positive as possible. It’s advisable to read through them for yourself if you want a complete picture of the Active Filings customer experience.

For the most part, their customers praise the speed of Active Filings’ services, as well as their professional and friendly customer service. It would be nice to see a larger volume of reviews, but it would be difficult to complain about the excellent quality of their feedback.


Should You Use Active Filings?

Active Filings is a good company to handle your LLC formation efficiently and professionally. Obviously, no one provider is going to be the perfect fit for every single entrepreneur, so to finish up this review let’s go over some scenarios where you might want to use Active Filings for your formation, and also some situations where you might want to look elsewhere.

When to Use Active Filings:

If you need bilingual service, Active Filings is clearly one of your top options. Otherwise, they have an excellent reputation in general and competitive pricing, a combination which is appealing to any number of companies.

When NOT to Use Active Filings:

If you want a service that offers more overall features and value for your money. Their features aren’t as impressive as other popular LLC services.

Final Verdict:

Active Filings is a no-brainer for Spanish-speaking customers, but they have plenty of appealing attributes for business owners of all types as well. If you’d like to review some other choices, make sure to check out our top 7 LLC services comparison. Otherwise, you can start forming your LLC with Active Filings today.

Active Filings
Starting at $25

  • A great service if you want
  • bilingual customer support