Direct Incorporation LLC Service Review (Pros, Cons & More)

Direct Incorporation LLC Service ReviewDirect Incorporation has served 60,000+ customers since they opened in 2003.

Although the online LLC formation business is a crowded one, they’ve managed to carve out a significant space for themselves in the industry.

In this Direct Incorporation LLC service review, we’ll discuss some advantages and disadvantages of using their services, break down their package options, and take a look at their customer feedback to help you decide whether or not they’re the right provider for your business.


Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Direct Incorporation:

  • They offer some advanced features that very few of their competitors provide. From trademark protections to full-service web design, Direct Incorporation can handle a wide variety of your new business’ needs.
  • For an extra $13.99/mo, their Executive Club add-on allows you to create custom corporate documents, track your tax filings and manage your company’s compliance requirements. Over 25,000 businesses subscribe to the Executive Club to get this extra value.
  • All of their LLC formation packages include EIN (Employer Identification Number) services. Other providers offer these services, but few include them in their formation packages automatically — and it’s a great thing to get out of the way early, since you won’t be able to hire employees or open a business bank account until you have an EIN.

Disadvantages of Direct Incorporation:

  • Direct Incorporation is not the most affordable LLC service, with pricing that starts at $139. There are alternatives that will form your LLC for $90 less. (See Top Services)
  • Some of their competitors include up to a year of free registered agent services in their LLC formation packages, while Direct Incorporation doesn’t even offer these services at all.


Direct Incorporation LLC Packages

Direct Incorporation offers four LLC formation packages, each designed to suit a different set of needs. You can read up on the details of these packages on their site, but first we’ll give you our insight on each one.

Option 1:

The Standard package provides the essentials needed to form your LLC, as well as a few extra perks. For $139 (plus state fees), you’ll get a business name availability check, Employer Identification Number, complete preparation and filing of your formation documents, access to Direct Incorporation’s online dashboard tool and a 3-week trial subscription to the Executive Club.

It’s a nice collection of features that goes beyond just-the-basics, which is how most providers approach their base-level packages.

Option 2:

The next step up is Premier, which costs $297 before state fees. This package gives you everything from the Standard package, plus an operating agreement, a selection of sample legal documents, a Corporate Suite CD and a customized LLC kit and seal. Definitely more comprehensive than the Standard package, but really only worth the extra cost if you’ll benefit from every additional feature.

Option 3:

The tier above Premier is Elite, which costs $383 (plus state fees). Along with everything from the Premier package, Elite includes a year of domain name registration, 4 months of website hosting, 5 email accounts, a website-building software and a shared license for the use of a professional stock logo.

Direct Incorporation has built and hosted over 5,000 websites, so clearly they’re doing something right. If you’re looking for professional website services, this package might be a good way to go — it adds a lot of value for a pretty reasonable price.

Option 4:

The most generous package — and the most expensive — is Venture. For $773 (plus state fee), Venture includes everything in the Elite package plus quite a few upgrades: a full year of Executive Club membership, a full year of domain name registration and web hosting, comprehensive website service and 3 drafts and interactive revisions of a custom-designed company logo.

You’ll also get a bundle of trademark services, including trademark protection, a conflict search and report, and 3 months of trademark monitoring. Although this package is vastly more expensive than any other option, it’s worth considering if you’re going to be seeking out graphic design, web-hosting and trademark services anyway.

Our Opinion:

Frankly, it all depends on what your business needs. If you’re just looking to get your LLC formed, the Standard package is a great option that’ll take care of the fundamentals and more. If you like the idea of getting your company logo, website, and other additional services taken care of in one fell swoop, the Elite and Venture packages might be right up your alley.


What Are Other Entrepreneurs Saying?

The best place to find Direct Incorporation reviews is on Facebook, although they also have a few on They haven’t accumulated as many as some of their more popular competitors, but they still have enough customer feedback to gauge a variety of folks’ experiences.

With a 4/5 star average, they’ve definitely got some complaints, but the majority of their reviews praise their efficiency and excellent customer service. We encourage you to read through their reviews yourself to get a clear picture of what customers are saying.


Should You Use Direct Incorporation?

No single service is the right choice for every entrepreneur. Let’s take a look at a couple scenarios when Direct Incorporation may be the right fit, and when you may want to seek other options.

When to Use Direct Incorporation:

Consider Direct Incorporation if your company wants to take advantage of their advanced features, especially those in the Venture package. Again, we realize it’s expensive, but the services it includes don’t come cheap elsewhere.

When NOT to Use Direct Incorporation:

If you want to get a registered agent through your formation provider, Direct Incorporation isn’t the right choice for you. You might consider IncFile or another company that includes registered agent services for free.

Final Verdict:

Direct Incorporation is a reliable formation service with a lot to offer your new LLC. That said, they’re not right for everyone. We encourage you to read more about Direct Incorporation or take a look at some other options on our top LLC services guide.

Direct Incorporation
Starting at $139

  • A great service if you want
  • advanced features & full service web-design