Nationwide Incorporators LLC Service Review (Pros, Cons & More)

Nationwide Incorporators LLC ReviewFor over 20 years, Nationwide Incorporators has offered LLC formation services to customers around the country. Even in a crowded industry like corporate formations, Nationwide Incorporators has carved out a corner of the market due to their attorney-reviewed services.

This Nationwide Incorporators LLC service review is structured so that it’s as easy as possible for you to determine if you’d like to use their services, or perhaps review other options.


Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of Nationwide Incorporators

  • With Nationwide Incorporators, a business attorney will either draft your papers or review them before they’re sent to your state of formation. No competitor can match that promise, and it’s a great source of peace of mind for any entrepreneur.
  • Nationwide Incorporators president and founder Mike Ross has been an attorney for 40 years, which is experience you get to take advantage of as a customer. Ross handles many services himself, reinforcing their “Attorney-Powered” slogan and document review.
  • Many competitors don’t offer state-specific compliance requirements like publishing service to advertise notice of your formation in a newspaper. Nationwide Incorporators not only offers these services where necessary — and only when necessary — but they also have good prices on them as well.
  • If you check out their Yelp page, you can find some valuable discount coupons. For example, while writing this review I noticed that they were offering $395 worth of services for $295.
  • Their Education Center is packed with information on business types, licensing, foreign registrations and much more. While most companies in this industry do have some sort of FAQ or learning center, this is another area where Nationwide Incorporators has a big advantage considering theirs was written and reviewed by lawyers.

Disadvantages of Nationwide Incorporators

  • At $145, their basic LLC service is far from the least expensive option out there. For example, you can get an LLC formed for less than $96 less with an alternative service. Of course, those services don’t have attorney-drafted or reviewed document filings so maybe you get what you pay for.


Nationwide Incorporators LLC Packages

Nationwide Incorporators gives customers 3 choices when ordering LLC formation service, with a selection of features geared at satisfying the needs of a variety of entrepreneurs. If you want to review the details of their services for yourself, take a look at the way they describe them on their website.

Of course, different companies have different sets of requirements for formation and ongoing compliance. In general though, I feel like one of these options is an objectively better value than the others.

Basic Package

First up is the Basic package, which checks in at $145 before state fee. This package gives you everything you need to get your LLC up and running, including a name availability check, and attorney-prepared articles of organization with filing service. Additionally, you’ll receive a sample operating agreement and organizational minutes which you can customize to suit your company.

While $145 may sound like a lot for such a barebones service package, keep in mind that most competitors don’t have experienced business attorneys drawing up your documents. Compare $145 with what a typical lawyer would charge you for the same service, and I think you’ll see that this is a good deal.

Deluxe Package

Next, we have the Deluxe package for $325 plus state fee. This gives you everything from the Basic package, plus a custom operating agreement to outline your company structure, custom LLC membership certificates to define your management structure, an LLC kit and seal which is a largely meaningless symbolic feature, and a state-specific checklist of compliance requirements to keep your business in good standing.

Additionally, you get priority order processing, but all that means is that they’ll process your order before people who buy the Basic package, and they’ll also email you a digital copy of your articles as soon as they’re filed.

While this is a lot of extra stuff, I’m unconvinced that it’s worth $180 more than the Basic level. When I’m looking for value in higher-end packages, I look for things that companies really need, which I’m not seeing here. Sure, some of this stuff is nice to have, but I’m not seeing a justification for this price tag.

Premium Package

Finally, we reach the Premium package which costs $375 (plus state fees). This package provides everything from the Deluxe package and adds custom meeting minutes, membership certificates and a membership ledger. Additionally, they’ll obtain your federal tax ID number (EIN) which enables you to hire employees, open business bank accounts, etc.

This is definitely a fairly priced upgrade over the Deluxe package, because there’s easily $50+ in added value here. Unfortunately, I still don’t think this is worth buying because it’s built on the Deluxe package which I don’t particularly believe is worth the money.

My Opinion

When I look at advanced LLC formation packages, I’m looking for things like an EIN and registered agent service — things that most businesses really do need. With that said, I would prefer to buy the Basic package, adding an EIN and registered agent.

That brings your total cost to $404, which is more expensive than most competitors but again, it all comes down to how much value you place in their attorney drafted/reviewed process.


What Are Other Entrepreneurs Saying?

I found just 3 reviews of Nationwide Incorporators, all of which are on Yelp. While it would clearly be preferable to see more feedback than this, it is worth pointing out that all 3 reviews are highly positive, and there are no critical reviews to be found anywhere that I searched online.

Still, it’s awfully difficult to do much analysis on such a small sample, so in the end I’ll just say that customer feedback is neither a pro nor a con for Nationwide Incorporators.


Should You Use Nationwide Incorporators?

Nationwide Incorporators is one of the top LLC service providers thanks to their lawyer-drafted and reviewed document filings. Still, they won’t be the right choice for every single company, so let’s finish by going over some scenarios where you might want to use their services, as well as situations that may make you want to look elsewhere.

When to Use Nationwide Incorporators

If you like the reassurance of having an experienced business attorney draft and/or review your documents before filing, but don’t want to spend that kind of money, Nationwide Incorporators is a nice middle ground.

When NOT to Use Nationwide Incorporators

If you would like to save some money, or perhaps bundle an EIN and registered agent with your service package, there are ways to do that. For example, IncFile starts their service at $49, and to have a full-service package with EIN and registered agent it would only cost $149.

Final Verdict

Nationwide Incorporators might not be the cheapest or most popular LLC service, but they have a number of advantages that competitors can’t match. If you still want to take a look at other options, check out our list of the top LLC providers. If you’re ready to start forming an LLC with Nationwide Incorporators, of course you can get started right now.

Nationwide Incorporators
Starting at $145

  • A great service if you want
  • an experienced business attorney