SunDoc Filings LLC Service Alternatives (Our Top Picks)

Top_3_Alternatives_for_Sundoc_FilingsAre you forming a new LLC, but you’re not certain whether SunDoc Filings is the right company to help you?

With so many service providers offering formation services, figuring out which one is the best fit for your business can be tricky.

This SunDoc Filings LLC service alternatives guide highlights 3 of their top competitors. Read on to find out about their advantages and disadvantages compared to SunDoc Filings, and discover which company is the best pick to provide your formation service.

IncFile is a highly popular service provider, as they’ve helped 150,000+ customers since opening in 2004. They offer great prices and fully featured service packages, but how do they compare with SunDoc Filings?

  • IncFile starts their pricing at $49 (plus state fee), which is $50 less than you’ll spend for LLC preparation and filing with SunDoc Filings.
  • If you order LLC service from IncFile, you’ll receive a full year of registered agent service to receive and forward your company’s legal documents. Furthermore, if you also want a federal tax ID number (EIN), which allows you to file taxes and hire staff, IncFile offers the Gold package which includes the combination of formation, registered agent and EIN for just $149. With SunDoc Filings, you can get a similar set of services for $279 with their Complete package.
  • Everyone appreciates positive customer feedback, and IncFile really shines in this area. You can find thousands of customer reviews for IncFile around the web, and the overwhelming majority of them are quite positive.

One small issue I have with IncFile is that their customer support isn’t as responsive as many competitors. I’ve personally waited over 24 hours to hear back from them, although I will say that their service reps are quite helpful when you do get in touch with them. All told, I have very few complaints with what IncFile offers LLC service customers.

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With over 100,000 customers served since 1997, CorpNet’s ownership group has a similar experience level to IncFile. Do they compare favorably with SunDoc Filings?

  • CorpNet’s pricing for formation service starts at $108 (plus state fee), which puts them right in line with SunDoc Filings’ $99 price point.
  • If you’re looking for registered agent and an EIN, CorpNet offers a package with these features and your formation for $228, compared to $279 with SunDoc Filings or $149 with IncFile.
  • Like SunDoc Filings, CorpNet covers their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Keep in mind that IncFile does not offer a similar guarantee.

Not to be outdone by SunDoc Filings or IncFile, CorpNet also has excellent customer feedback. It’s difficult to find many negative reviews of their services, and there are hundreds of positive CorpNet reviews available online. Overall, they’re a good option for LLC service, as they provide well-rounded service packages at a reasonable base price point.

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Last but not least, we arrive at LegalZoom. Their popularity and brand power are pretty much unrivaled in this industry, as they’ve helped about 4 million customers since opening in 1999. How do they stack up next to these other strong options?

  • Their base rate for LLC formation is $79, plus state fee, which is reasonable for what they offer.
  • Do you want registered agent and an EIN with your formation? LegalZoom offers these 3 services packaged a la carte. This will end up being much more expensive than IncFile, CorpNet or SunDoc Filings.
  • LegalZoom offers a satisfaction guarantee much like those of SunDoc Filings and CorpNet.
  • One of LegalZoom’s biggest advantages is their customer service hours, which are easily the longest that I’ve seen in this industry. They’re available from 8am to 10pm ET Monday through Friday, and 10am to 7pm on weekends.

As you can see LegalZoom does have some unique advantages. They’re not my personal favorite, but I can understand why some entrepreneurs find their services appealing.

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Final Thoughts

Each of these companies has their own set of advantages and disadvantages when you do side-by-side comparisons. In general, IncFile has the lowest price points, while SunDoc Filings is the best option to form LLCs in California. LegalZoom has the advantage in popularity and brand power, whereas CorpNet offers balanced packages that appeal to a broad market.

It would be completely understandable if your preference differs from mine, because these companies are all worthy of your business. Personally, I would go with IncFile.

Their combination of low prices and value-packed service packages makes them the top choice in my mind.