Harvard Business LLC Services Review (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Harvard Business LLC Services ReviewHarvard Business Services opened in 1981, and they’ve served 175,000+ businesses since then. Considering how much competition there is in the LLC formation industry, it’s impressive that they lay claim to this longevity of operations and volume of customers.

This Harvard Business Services LLC service review is laid out in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you to find the information you need. Read on to find out if they’re a good fit for your business.


Advantages & Disadvantages


  • If you put a lot of weight on customer reviews, Harvard Business Services makes a strong case in that department. They have well over a thousand reviews across the web, with nearly universally high scores.
  • Harvard Business Services runs highly valuable sales. For example, as I’m writing this they’re offering $100 off any formation package, which is a total game-changer that takes their prices from “too high” to “very reasonable.”
  • Each of their LLC formations includes a year of registered agent service at no extra charge. Furthermore, if you add additional years of registered agent, it’s only $50 annually which is the lowest rate I’ve seen and that price is guaranteed not to increase over the life of your company.
  • In a hurry? They can provide same-day formation with expedited service, which adds $150 on top of your LLC service costs.
  • If you need service in Spanish, they offer bilingual customer support and even have a Spanish version of their full website.


  • There are more affordable LLC services than Harvard Business Services that cost over $100 less. (Learn More)
  • They only form LLCs in Delaware. If you want to form anywhere other than Delaware, you’ll need to find another option.
  • Their higher-priced Basic and Standard tiers don’t add much value over the baseline Green package. For example, they claim Standard (the most expensive) is the most popular, but for $150 more than the Green package without many additional features.
  • None of their packages include a federal tax ID number or EIN. Considering that an EIN is a vital part of most businesses, that’s an unfortunate oversight.


Harvard Business Services LLC Packages

Harvard Business Services has 3 packages of LLC formation service to choose from. I’ll summarize them below, but if you want to see the full details as they describe them, you can do so on their website.

While there are a variety of reasons that entrepreneurs with different needs might ordinarily select different formation packages, with Harvard Business Services there’s one package that I think is going to be the overwhelming favorite with our readers.

Green Package

First up is the Green package, which retails for $279. To be honest, I’m pretty sure that Harvard Business Services is always running the “$100 off” sale, so let’s just say it’s $179. In addition, this price includes your Delaware state fees, which normally cost $90 with their competitors. Long story short, their typical rate for this package is roughly equivalent to a competitor charging $89 plus state fee.

This package starts with a business name availability check, along with the full prep and filing of your formation documents. You’ll also receive 12 months of registered agent service to receive and forward your important government-issued documents, compliance coaching, and filing deadline alerts to keep your business in good standing, and the digital delivery of your completed formation documents.

All told, it’s a nice bundle of features at this price point. I think most entrepreneurs regardless of business type should be interested in the Green package.

Basic Package

Next we get to the Basic package for $329, which after discount and state fee is the same as a competitor charging $139 plus state fee. You get everything from the Green package, then add a hard copy of your formation documents with priority shipping, a banking resolution to help you open business checking and/or savings accounts, and a CD-ROM that includes a library of sample forms.

For $50 more than the Green package, this isn’t a bad deal but it’s not a great one either. I’m not convinced that there’s a ton of value in the sample documents, and you’ll probably need an EIN anyway which makes the banking resolution unnecessary. Still, if you do want these features it’s a fair enough price to warrant the purchase.

Standard Package

Finally we’ve got the Standard package for $429. After the $100 discount and state fees, this is equivalent to competitors charging $239 plus state fee. This level gets you all of the features from the Basic package, along with an LLC kit and seal, which is a symbolic binder and wax seal that replicates an antiquated method of verifying official company documents. It is not necessary for any business to have a kit and seal, so I don’t see any reason to buy this particular package.

My Opinion

In general I think that the Green package is the best value, but Basic is a good choice as well. Keep in mind that you’ll probably also need to add an EIN, which you can either acquire yourself or get one from Harvard Business Services for an extra $65.

I’m always interested in getting a good value for the combination of LLC formation, registered agent and an EIN. With Harvard Business Services, you can get all of those features for a total of $244 which includes state fee. That’s among the best bargains in the industry for this trio of crucial features.

International Customers

Harvard Business Services also offers international LLC service. The Green package is exactly the same as the domestic version, and the Standard level again adds a relatively useless LLC kit/seal. The only real difference is the Basic package including things like apostille and notary services to maintain compliance outside the US. If you want the full details on these packages, see how they advertise their international services on their website.


What Are Other Entrepreneurs Saying?

There are thousands of Harvard Business Services reviews all around the web, and nearly all of them are positive in nature. If you would like to read some of them for yourself — which I always advise — you can check them out on TrustPilot, BBB.org and Facebook.

Generally speaking, their customers praise the efficiency of their services, and also compliment their professional and friendly customer service agents. It would be difficult to find a company that has better customer feedback than Harvard Business Services, and it’s therefore a major point in their favor.


Should You Use Harvard Business Services?

Harvard Business Services is one of the top LLC service options for formations in Delaware. Their speedy filing times and affordable service packages make them worthy of consideration for any entrepreneur. Of course, no one solution will fit every business type, so let’s finish by discussing scenarios where you may or may not want to use their services.

When to Use Harvard Business Services:

If you’re forming an LLC in Delaware, they’re clearly a great option. Also, if you place high value on customer feedback, it’s hard to go wrong with Harvard Business Services.

When NOT to Use Harvard Business Services:

If you want to form in any state other than Delaware, you’ll need to find someone else. Additionally, even though their prices are quite low, you can still save a bit of money on basic LLC formation with an option like IncFile’s $49 baseline package.

Final Verdict:

With their efficient, affordable Delaware LLC formation packages, Harvard Business Services is a great choice for LLC service online. If you want some more time to review your options, make sure to read through our guide to the top LLC services. Otherwise, you can start forming an LLC with Harvard Business Services today.

Harvard Business Services
Starting at $279

  • A great service if you want
  • to form an LLC in Delaware