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Are you in the process of forming a new LLC, but you aren’t familiar enough with the legalities to try the DIY route? Are you also unwilling or unable to shell out the hundreds or thousands of dollars it would take to hire a lawyer to form your LLC?

Thankfully, companies like Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow fill in the middle ground between these options, offering convenient and compliant business formations at a fraction of the cost of an attorney’s fees. But how do you pick the right one for your business?

This Northwest Registered Agent vs IncNow comparison guide takes a look at their main commonalities and differences. By the time you’re done reading, you should have a good idea of which one best suits your needs.


Do Northwest and IncNow Offer Good Value?

Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow are both reputable and popular LLC formation services. They’ve each formed thousands of businesses, and they both have the know-how to get the job done right. Still, Northwest Registered Agent has some distinct advantages that make them our preferred pick for most of our readers.

First and foremost, Northwest Registered Agent offers the best customer support we’ve found in this industry, with a level of customization no one else can match. Furthermore, Northwest forms businesses in all 50 states, but IncNow only forms Delaware businesses.

Do you need some more info before making your choice? Let’s dive into the details and see which one is the better option for you.


  • Best if you want
  • reliable, fast DE LLC formation


7 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: With either one of these providers, you’re saving loads of cash compared to hiring a lawyer to draft and file your articles of organization. Especially considering the LLC isn’t a tremendously complicated business structure, you may not even require an attorney’s expertise anyway.

2) Customer Support: While these companies save you money, they also don’t leave you to go it alone either. IncNow and Northwest Registered Agent both have extensive customer support networks that can get your tough questions answered in a hurry.

3) Experience: Experience matters in this industry, which is part of why we recommend Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow. They’ve both been around for years, and they’ve both formed thousands of businesses. They certainly know how the world of LLC formation works, and you can fully trust them to form your new business.

4) Efficiency: Do you need your formation done quickly? These service providers both offer expedited options that can speed up your formation from weeks down to days in many states. IncNow and Northwest Registered Agent take efficiency seriously.

5) Registered Agent Service: Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow both include a full year of registered agent service with any LLC formation package. This is a highly valuable feature, especially considering the fact that every LLC in America needs to designate a registered agent to receive and forward important government documents.

6) Great Customer Reviews: Reading positive customer feedback is always reassuring when you’re about to make any purchase. Thankfully, both Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow receive very high marks from their clients. The customer experience with both of these companies is usually a positive one.

7) Additional Services: Do you need to acquire a federal tax ID number (EIN)? How about a foreign qualification? Maybe you want an operating agreement or other documents? IncNow and Northwest Registered Agent both have plenty of other business services available that you can choose to leverage if you so desire.


Side by Side Comparisons


Northwest Registered Agent starts their pricing at $39 if you use our discount (otherwise, it’s $225), plus your state’s fee. IncNow charges $99, but if you reside in the state of Delaware and you want to serve as your own registered agent, they offer formation service for as little as $9, which is one of the lowest prices we’ve seen in this industry.

Of course, everyone would rather pay $39 than $99. However, there’s much more to the story, and we ultimately think Northwest is quite competitive. In the next sections, we’ll show you why Northwest provides solid value.


The base formation packages offered by Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow are nearly identical. Both provide the basics of formation, including name availability searches and the preparation and filing of your articles of organization, and they also both include a full year of registered agent service. Of course, it’s worth noting again that IncNow only forms companies in Delaware, whereas Northwest forms businesses in any state.

Again, IncNow customers who live in Delaware and don’t want registered agent service can cut their price point down to $9. However, we always recommend registered agent service, and $90 is a pretty good price for a year’s worth.


Northwest Registered Agent has been providing affordable and convenient business services since it opened in 1998. Over the past 20+ years, they’ve become a trusted midsize company in the LLC formation service industry.

IncNow was formed way back in 1974, giving them longevity that few competitors in this industry can match. They’ve served thousands of customers over the years.

Customer Support

IncNow has a solid reputation when it comes to customer service, as their well-trained and friendly representatives can help you solve pretty much any issue that arises with your LLC formation. They’re available from 9 am to 5 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

Northwest’s support is incredible. They keep their premium customer support in-house, with a team of professionally trained Corporate Guides. Every time we have called with questions about complicated state rules or forming an LLC, the first person we talk to can immediately answer our questions.

Turnaround Times

With IncNow, your Delaware LLC formation takes 4-6 days with standard processing, which can be accelerated to just 24 hours with expedited processing. Northwest Registered Agent states that they can form a Delaware LLC in five days if you expedite your order, with lengthy potential wait times for standard processing, and their processing times for the other 49 states vary depending on state guidelines.

As you might expect from a company that specializes in Delaware LLC formations, IncNow is indeed a bit quicker than Northwest Registered Agent in this state.

Order Tracking

Northwest Registered Agent has a handy order status tracking tool on their website. IncNow sends standard order confirmation emails, but if you want updates beyond that, you’ll need to contact them. In our opinion, Northwest’s method is more convenient, but it’s not a big deal.

Registered Agent Service

Every LLC in America is required to designate a registered agent, which is a person or business service that receives important document deliveries (like service of process) from your state government, informs you of the receipt, then forwards the documents to you. This is so crucial because the state needs to have a reliable means of contacting your business at any time.

Both IncNow and Northwest Registered Agent include 12 months of registered agent service with the purchase of any LLC service package. If you want these service providers to continue as your registered agent after your first year, IncNow charges $90 annually, compared to $125 for Northwest.

It’s worth mentioning that Northwest Registered Agent was the first major service provider that locally scans every document they receive as your registered agent ― most competitors only scan the government documents that they’re required to scan. (What is a registered agent?)

Customer Reviews

IncNow receives fantastic customer feedback, with nearly 900 reviews available online and only a small handful of critical feedback. As for Northwest Registered Agent, they too maintain high average rating scores on review sites, but they have a somewhat smaller collection of feedback, amounting to around 400 reviews. Overall, both of these companies excel when it comes to customer feedback.

Ease of Use

Both of these services make the formation process much simpler than the DIY route, and they both have websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate. We don’t really have a preference in this area.

Additional Services

These two companies offer many of the same services, including registered agent service, certificates of good standing, foreign qualifications, and more. However, Northwest has a few services that IncNow doesn’t provide, including mail forwarding and virtual office services, along with multi-state registrations, which IncNow obviously doesn’t provide because they only offer services in one state.


Which LLC Service Should You Choose?

Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow are both highly experienced and reputable companies in the LLC formation service industry. Both of them are capable of forming your LLC quickly and correctly, and we’re confident that you’ll get your money’s worth with either one.

We understand that some of you are still undecided, so to finish this comparison guide, we’ll briefly touch on a few of the reasons why customers choose each service.

➥ Choose Northwest Registered Agent if You Are:

Are you forming an LLC in any state other than Delaware? Perhaps you’re looking for the best customer support in the industry? These are a couple of great reasons to choose Northwest Registered Agent.

➦ Choose IncNow if You Are:

If you’re forming a business in Delaware and want cheap registered agent service, IncNow should be a great choice.


  • Best if you want
  • reliable, fast DE LLC formation

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

If I Decide to Use Northwest Registered Agent, Which Package Should I Choose?

Northwest’s prices are always fair, and we never feel like we’re paying more than their services are worth, especially if we use our discount. They only offer one package for LLC formations, but it includes everything you need to get your business off the ground — a name availability check, the preparation and filing of your formation documents, and a year of registered agent service.

Does Northwest Handle Extra State Requirements Like New York Publication?

Many of their competitors don’t offer any level of assistance with this sort of state-level compliance requirement, but Northwest does.

For New York’s publication requirement, for example, Northwest lets you use their Albany address as your address for service of process, or as your principal office location. From there, they provide a detailed set of instructions to help you complete the publication step. They do not, however, offer to handle it on your behalf.

If you’re looking for a company to handle this requirement for you, we recommend ZenBusiness or BizFilings. For more information on New York LLC publication services, check out our guide to the best options.

Which Service Has Fewer Upsells?

So many companies in this industry pile on the upsell attempts that it’s a real breath of fresh air to find service providers that don’t do this.

Specifically, neither Northwest nor IncNow tries to convince you to upgrade your purchase or add unnecessary features. They’re two of the best in the business in this regard.

How Does Northwest Stack Up to Other LLC Websites?

Would you like to take a look at a few other options? Check out our comparisons of Northwest Registered Agent to other top-rated LLC websites:

Do These Services Share My Information With Third Parties?

This is another area where these companies excel compared to most competing service providers. We’re always annoyed by companies that try to get you to sign up for “special offers” or “free extras” that are actually just opportunities for them to share your personal information with third-party partners.

Thankfully, IncNow and Northwest avoid doing this, as we’ve never seen them push third-party offers under the guise of providing standard business services.

Does Either of These Services Have a Refund Policy?

IncNow has a pretty restrictive refund policy.

If you request your refund before they start preparing your articles of organization, they’ll refund a portion of your purchase price, less a $50 fee. If you request a refund after they’ve started preparing your documents, they will only refund the state fees that they haven’t yet paid. After that, there are no refunds available.

As for Northwest, their refund policy is much more straightforward: they have a flat $25 fee for canceling an order, which they humorously refer to as a “you changed your mind” fee.

Which LLC Formation Website Is Faster?

IncNow only forms companies in Delaware, and they have incredibly fast turnaround times in this state.

Their standard processing can finish your formation in 4-6 days, and expediting it gets the job done in just 24 hours. By contrast, Northwest offers a 9-day turnaround with standard Delaware processing and 5-day processing times for expedited filings.

Can I Just Form an LLC On My Own, Without a Service?

If you would rather give the DIY route a shot, you always have that right. While plenty of entrepreneurs choose this option every day, we would simply like to point out that it can be more hassle than you might think.

Each state has its own set of rules and requirements for LLC formations, so there’s no one set way to form an LLC in all 50 states, and you’ll need to learn the details of your state’s requirements. Furthermore, we enjoy the peace of mind that we get from having true professionals form your business entity.


In Conclusion

Northwest Registered Agent and IncNow are two of the most popular LLC formation services available, and they both have plenty of strong attributes. Overall, we do prefer Northwest for most of our readers because of its lower price point (if you use our discount) and industry-best customer support.

That said, IncNow has some advantages of its own, like its super-fast Delaware LLC formation turnaround times. We wouldn’t blame you for preferring one over the other — either way, you’re using one of the best companies in the industry.


Ready to Create Your LLC Online?

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  • Best if you want
  • reliable, fast DE LLC formation

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