Top 3 MyCompanyWorks LLC Service Alternatives

MyCompanyWorks LLC Service AlternativesAre you looking to form an LLC, but you’re not sure which of the many service providers can best assist you? MyCompanyWorks is one of the top LLC services, but no one provider is going to be the best choice for every single LLC formation.

Formed in 2001, MyCompanyWorks has formed over 50,000 businesses over the years. They have a low base rate of $79 (plus state fee) for LLC service, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee covers all of their services. Add to this the fact that they respond to most emails and phone calls within just 20 minutes, and you have a remarkably well-rounded service provider.

This MyCompanyWorks LLC service alternatives guide highlights some of their top rivals. Is one of them a better choice to help form your LLC? Let’s find out!

With 150,000+ businesses served since they opened in 2004, IncFile is one of the industry leaders. They’re a popular choice for a reason, as their feature-packed LLC services are available at appealing price points. But how do they stack up next to MyCompanyWorks?

  • It’s nearly impossible to beat IncFile’s starting price point for LLC service. Not only do they charge just $49 plus state fee, but they also include a full year of registered agent with any formation package. In fact, the IncFile Gold package might be my favorite LLC service package available online. For $149, they also add a federal tax ID number (EIN) and a personalized operating agreement, valuable features that most businesses need.
  • If you’re the type of discerning customer who needs to read reviews before making a purchase, IncFile has thousands of online customer reviews, and nearly all of them are positive in nature.
  • Many states have additional compliance requirements, like publishing notice of your formation in a newspaper. IncFile does a good job of keeping you informed of state-specific guidelines, and they have handy turnaround time estimates for all 50 states on their website.

In addition, IncFile has quality customer service, with knowledgeable reps who can help answer all your tough questions. Overall, IncFile has everything it takes to be a top-notch LLC service provider.

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CorpNet’s owners got started in the business services industry back in 1997, and they’ve served over 100,000 companies since then. While IncFile and MyCompanyWorks are certainly strong companies, CorpNet has many advantages of their own that make them well worth a look.

  • CorpNet’s pricing starts at $108 for LLC service, which is higher than both IncFile and MyCompanyWorks. However, they do have a solid price point for bundling in registered agent and an EIN, at $228.
  • CorpNet offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that ensures they’ll refund the fees you paid to them if you aren’t happy with your LLC service. MyCompanyWorks has a similar guarantee, but IncFile doesn’t have one at all.
  • Customer feedback is a major pro for CorpNet. You can find hundreds of reviews all across the web, but it’s quite difficult to find any negative ratings. The vast majority of their customers are clearly quite pleased with the service they provide.

CorpNet doesn’t have any one single characteristic that sets them apart. Rather, they’re a strong company offering well-rounded formation packages with many pros and few cons.

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LegalZoom is easily the most experienced of all these companies. They’ve served about 4 million customers, with half of those being business clients, since they opened back in 1999. They are one of the most popular LLC service providers, with unrivaled brand power.

  • LegalZoom’s pricing is very reasonable, however their packages fall short of being impressive, as all of their formation packages lack registered agent service and EIN obtainment, which most companies need. If you want these features with your formation, you’ll have to add them on.
  • Their LLC service can get pretty expensive if you want to add features like registered agent and an EIN. Registered agent isn’t included in any LegalZoom LLC service package, and it costs $159 to add on for one year. An EIN will cost you another $79.
  • One big positive with LegalZoom is their extended customer support hours. They’re available from 8am to 10pm ET Monday through Friday, and they also have weekend service hours from 10am to 7pm ET. No competitor can match these hours of operation.

Considering that their customer feedback is mixed fairly equally between positive and negative reviews, the main reason to purchase LLC service from LegalZoom is if you prefer using major companies that have wide corporate reach.

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Final Thoughts

These 4 companies are all capable of providing quality LLC formation service online. They each have their advantages over the others as well: IncFile has the best prices, LegalZoom is the “big name,” MyCompanyWorks has lightning-fast support, and CorpNet is a generally consistent company.

One major common thread between these providers is that they can all save you a considerable sum over hiring an attorney. If you have a traditional law firm draft and file your formation documents, you’ll pay hundreds more than you would with any of these services.

If I have to choose one favorite alternative to MyCompanyWorks, I would pick IncFile. With IncFile, you get some of the best prices available on LLC service, and they also have smartly bundled feature sets in their formation packages.