LLC Service Alternatives (Our Top 3) LLC Service AlternativesAre you trying to form a new LLC, but you’re frustrated with the hassle of the DIY route? There are plenty of service providers like that can help you through the formation process, but it can be difficult to discern which one is the best value. (formerly The Company Corporation) opened way back in 1899. That’s not a typo, they’ve really been around since the 19th century, and they’ve helped over 750,000 businesses since then. Their basic formation package costs $99 plus state fee, and they are a tremendous help if your state of formation requires additional compliance steps. is one of the few providers in this industry that will handle any state-specific guidelines you may need.

In this LLC service alternatives guide, I’ll walk you through the main advantages and disadvantages of their top competitors. Let’s find out which one is the right fit for your new company!

IncFile doesn’t have the incredible longevity of, but they have served 150,000+ customers since they opened in 2004. With their attractive combination of pricing and features, IncFile is always worth consideration for LLC formations.

  • With their starting price of $49 (before state fee) for LLC service, IncFile boasts one of the most affordable price points available. Even though their rate is so low, they still package in a year of registered agent service. Furthermore, their Gold package (priced at $149) is one of my favorite LLC formation packages, because it includes a federal tax ID number (EIN) and a personalized operating agreement, which are features most businesses need.
  • One major advantage IncFile has over is customer feedback. Whereas doesn’t have much feedback, and most of the reviews they do have aren’t complimentary, IncFile has thousands of reviews and they’re almost universally positive in nature.
  • While IncFile doesn’t always offer to complete your additional state-specific requirements like does, they will keep you informed if you need them. It may surprise you to hear that many of their competitors leave it up to you to figure out if you need any further steps to be compliant with your state of formation.

Rounding out their offering is IncFile’s strong customer support department, staffed by friendly and professional service reps. IncFile has a lot to offer their LLC formation customers, and their service packages should be of interest to any entrepreneur.

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LegalZoom is on an entirely different level when it comes to experience. They’ve handled an enormous customer volume since they formed in 1999, helping about 4 million customers, and half of those are business clients.

  • LegalZoom’s LLC formation package costs $79 plus state fee, and that price does not include registered agent or EIN obtainment. If you would like those features, you’ll need to add them a la carte.
  • LegalZoom offers longer customer support hours than any competitor. With hours of availability that run from 8am to 10pm ET on weekdays and 10am to 7pm ET on weekends, their customer service department is open well past business hours.

They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, much like the one offered by MyCompanyWorks. While LegalZoom’s services do cost more than most competitors, they have an experience edge that no one can match.

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MyCompanyWorks is a smaller operation than and IncFile, but they still have plenty of experience with over 50,000 businesses formed since 2001. Entrepreneurs who choose MyCompanyWorks tend to enjoy the personal touch they provide.

  • MyCompanyWorks offers LLC service starting at $79 plus state fee, a price point that places them in between IncFile and If you want registered agent service and an EIN, they offer those features in their $279 formation package.
  • Any purchase you make from MyCompanyWorks is covered by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your formation, simply ask for a refund and they will pay back your service fees.
  • Their customer service department works quickly. They respond to most emails and phone calls received during business hours within just 20 minutes. This is a big advantage for MyCompanyWorks, as some competitors can take a full 24 hours to get back to you.

Finally, they include a formation checklist that makes sure you don’t forget any important steps. It’s a nice bonus that only MyCompanyWorks offers.

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Final Thoughts

One major common thread between these 4 service providers is their capability to effectively and efficiently form your new LLC. Additionally, no matter which one you pick, you’ll save a significant sum over hiring a business lawyer to draft and file your formation papers.

Of course, all of these companies have their pros and cons relative to the others. If you want the best prices, go with IncFile. Looking for complete formations that include any state-specific steps? is for you. If you want the most popular option, LegalZoom has you covered. Looking for lightning-quick support? Check out MyCompanyWorks.

My favorite alternative to is IncFile. Their combination of excellent prices and fully featured service packages make them an appealing option to any entrepreneur looking for LLC formation service.