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ZenBusiness was founded in 2015, and since then this Texas-based company has formed thousands of businesses and accumulated thousands of positive reviews.

There are dozens of services that form an LLC, but ZenBusiness has proven itself as one of the best LLC services available.

This ZenBusiness LLC service review will outline what to expect with their services — and a 20% off discount if you’d like to use them. We’ll take a look at their pros/cons, pricing/features, and much more to see if they’re actually right for you.


ZenBusiness Pros & Cons

Pros of ZenBusiness:

✔ They are one of the most affordable LLC services available, with pricing that starts at just $39. This is $40 less than LegalZoom, the most well-known service.

✔ ZenBusiness does a great job of making the entire process of forming an LLC feel approachable and exciting. As opposed to some other services that try to scare or trick the user into purchasing add-on services, ZenBusiness offers optional features/services in a tasteful way.

✔ Customer feedback is a major strength for ZenBusiness. They have more than 6,200 online reviews and nearly all of them are positive.

✔ In their efforts to help you start and maintain your business, they offer to take care of annual report filing and other ongoing LLC maintenance. This is part of their Worry Free Guarantee (included in the Pro package).

✔ What’s also unique is that ZenBusiness is a socially conscious organization, focused on doing good while growing as a company. They have a partnership with to help lift people out of poverty through financial lending and loan money to help women- and minority-owned businesses get off the ground.

Cons of ZenBusiness:

✖ While ZenBusiness has excellent overall value and some of the lowest prices online, there is one LLC service that has a cheaper base package — IncFile. However, keep in mind that you’ll end up dealing with more (and somewhat annoying) upsells as a result.


ZenBusiness LLC Formation Packages

 Does ZenBusiness Offer Good Value? Absolutely. ZenBusiness is the only LLC service that includes the 3 most important features (LLC formation, free registered agent, and free operating agreement template) in every package. Plus, they are offering our readers a 20% discount on every package — making it one of the most affordable LLC services online.

ZenBusiness LLC Pricing and Features

With ZenBusiness, you get three LLC formation package options: Starter, Pro, and Premium. If you want to see the full details of each package for yourself, you can check out how they list these options on their website.

Below are the most noteworthy features included in each ZenBusiness formation package:

Starter = $39 + State Fee

➢ Name Availability Search: ZenBusiness will search through the business database of your formation state in order to determine whether the business name you want is available, or if it’s already claimed by another entity.

➢ Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization: These documents are the forms required by the state to formally create your new LLC. ZenBusiness will draft your articles of organization, then file them with your state of formation.

➢ Registered Agent Service: Every LLC operating in America is required to designate a registered agent, which is a person or business entity that receives important document deliveries from the state on behalf of your business, then forwards them to you. ZenBusiness will give you 12 months free and the option to renew at $119/year after that.

➢ LLC Operating Agreement: An operating agreement is a document that outlines the ownership structure of your business, along with laying some ground rules for the way your company will operate. ZenBusiness will provide a template to help you create your own operating agreement.

➢ Worry Free Accounting Assessment: ZenBusiness offers a free accounting and tax assessment to help determine your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax needs. It’s handled entirely in-house by ZenBusiness (not through a 3rd party like every other LLC service).


Pro = $149 + State Fee

Includes everything from the Starter package, plus…

➢ Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): An EIN is similar to a Social Security Number for your business entity. It’s a nine-digit numerical code that enables your LLC to open business bank accounts, hire employees, file taxes, and more. With this feature, ZenBusiness will acquire one for you.

➢ Worry Free Guarantee: This feature includes the preparation and filing of your annual report, along with two amendments per year. Plus, if you ever miss a filing deadline with your state, ZenBusiness will help you regain your good standing.

➢ Banking Resolution: ZenBusiness will provide you with a banking resolution template, a form indicating who has the authority to open a business bank account for your LLC.


Premium = $249 + State Fee

Includes everything from the Pro package, plus…

➢ Domain Name Registration: They will obtain a domain name for your company’s website, and include a domain management dashboard tool.

➢ Rush Filing Speed: ZenBusiness will prioritize your LLC’s document filings above those of Starter and Pro Plan users.

➢ Domain Name Privacy: This feature helps keep your personal information from becoming publicly available as a result of your domain name filing.

➢ Business Email Address: ZenBusiness provides Premium customers with a business email account (with 5GB of storage space).

➢ Business Website: In addition to privately registering a domain name for your company, ZenBusiness will also help you set up a business website.


ZenBusiness Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness Reviews Online - TrustPilot
Source – TrustPilot

Even though ZenBusiness has only been around for a few years, they have tons of customer feedback and online reviews, most of which are extremely positive.

On TrustPilot, ZenBusiness has received an average of 4.8/5 stars from 6,200+ reviews.

On the whole, it seems that ZenBusiness’ customers are quite pleased with the efficiency of their services, as well as the ease of use to form an LLC.


Should You Start an LLC With ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness has a lot of positive aspects, but they won’t be the perfect fit for every entrepreneur. With that in mind, let’s finish this review of ZenBusiness with a quick discussion of who their LLC formation service is (and isn’t) right for.

✔ Form an LLC with ZenBusiness If:

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable LLC services and the best overall value, use ZenBusiness. Not to mention, they’re a socially conscious company with high customer satisfaction.

✖ Don’t Form an LLC with ZenBusiness If:

If you’re in a hurry to get your business formed, there are other LLC formation services that advertise faster turnaround times than ZenBusiness.

Final Verdict:

After reviewing and ranking all the top LLC services, ZenBusiness came out as the best-rated LLC service available due to their excellent prices and customer feedback. They offer far more features than popular alternatives like LegalZoom (all while charging $40 less). This is the LLC formation website we recommend to family and friends.

Compare 7 Top LLC Services

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  • like LegalZoom that charge $79+


Frequently Asked Questions

Got ZenBusiness LLC questions? We’ve got answers.

Which Is the Best ZenBusiness LLC Package?

Depending on your budget and the needs of your business, there are two different ZenBusiness packages that we really like. First, it’s hard to find any fault with their Starter plan, because it costs just $39, and it includes the full formation of your LLC, registered agent service, and an operating agreement template.

We also like their $149 Pro plan, which adds an EIN, managed annual report service, and a banking resolution template. (See Packages)

Is There a Promo Code or Discount for ZenBusiness?

Here at, we have an exclusive discount that can save you 20% on any ZenBusiness LLC formation package. For more information, check out our ZenBusiness LLC Service Discount page.

Is ZenBusiness Legit?

ZenBusiness has been around since 2015. Even though they’re a relatively recent addition to the online business services industry, they’ve already formed thousands of businesses, and they say on their website that they hope to form a million more business entities in the next five years, which is an impressively lofty goal.

Customer feedback is a big advantage for ZenBusiness. They have more than 6,200 reviews available online, and they maintain a 4.8 average rating out of 5 stars. Their customers seem very impressed by their quick turnaround times and general ease of use.

How Does ZenBusiness Compare to Other LLC Services?

ZenBusiness is actually our favorite overall LLC provider. There are plenty of other trustworthy and legitimate companies out there offering to form your LLC, but none of them can compete with the combination of affordability and features ZenBusiness provides.

That said, just because they’re our preferred choice doesn’t mean they’re the perfect option for every entrepreneur. If you’re looking for more of a premium service, we also love what Northwest Registered Agent has to offer, as they have the best customer support in the industry. We’re also big fans of IncFile’s free LLC formation package.

Does ZenBusiness Handle New York Publication Requirements?

While nearly every other business formation service leaves you on your own to take care of state-specific compliance requirements like New York publication requirements, ZenBusiness sticks by your side. Here’s their description of their New York publication service.

Does ZenBusiness Have Good Customer Support?

ZenBusiness offers phone, email, and chat support Monday–Friday between 8am-8pm Central Time and on Sundays from 10am-7pm Central Time. Their representatives are quite responsive no matter how you choose to reach out, and they’ve provided courteous and helpful responses to our questions every time we’ve contacted them. Overall, we think customer support is a pro for ZenBusiness.

Can I Form an LLC on My Own?

This is always an option, and quite a few entrepreneurs do form their own LLCs every day. On the other hand, some people hire business lawyers to form their LLCs, but this is a far more expensive option than using an online business formation service.

Is ZenBusiness the LLC Website You Recommend to Family and Friends?

This is a somewhat difficult question to answer. If our mom asked whether ZenBusiness is worth using, we would say that we personally do recommend them, but we would understand if she chose a different company as well.

If she didn’t want to use ZenBusiness, we would ultimately recommend IncFile or Northwest Registered Agent because they have a robust collection of features and can still save you some money compared to many of their competitors. Overall though, we think ZenBusiness is the most helpful company for the end-user, which is you.

Do we get compensated for recommending ZenBusiness? Yes — this is how we’re able to dedicate the time to keeping our content totally up to date. However, we would 100% recommend ZenBusiness even if we had no affiliations with their service whatsoever.

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

Sort of, but it’s a bit complicated. Here it is in their own words: “Once ZenBusiness has submitted your business for filing with the State under no circumstances can you charge-back or dispute the fees associated with forming your business.

If you contact ZenBusiness before your business has been submitted for filing with the State, ZenBusiness may refund the charge, less a $50 cancellation fee, if certain conditions are met.” We will note that they do not specify what those “certain conditions” are, only that they must be met in order for you to receive a refund.

Should I Reserve My LLC Name Before Forming an LLC With ZenBusiness?

This step is unnecessary for the vast majority of our readers, but for some it is advisable. If you’re not yet ready to enter the LLC formation process, but you want to ensure that the name you want is still available when the time comes, you should reserve a name.

The other situation where this is a good idea is if you’re forming a business in Alabama, which has a name reservation requirement for all LLC formations. Otherwise, reserving a name in advance is probably a waste of time and money.

Can I Form an LLC Without Physically Being in the United States?

You sure can. In fact, just about anyone can form an LLC in America.

You don’t need to be an American citizen or resident, you don’t need to have a physical presence in the U.S., etc. This is one of the reasons the LLC is so popular ― there are very few restrictions regarding who can form and operate an LLC.

What Is the ZenBusiness Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

You can reach ZenBusiness via phone by calling 1-844-493-6249. Their support email address is, and they can also be reached by using the web-based chat application on their website.

Customer Support Hours

Monday–Friday between 8am-8pm Central Time and on Sundays from 10am-7pm Central Time.

Does ZenBusiness Sell or Share My Information With Third Parties?

One of the ways some LLC formation services make money is by sharing your info with third-party partners under the guise of “free extras” or “special offers.”

Their upper-tier packages have features like domain name registration and a corporate website that are provided by third parties.

If this is something you’d prefer to not deal with but want to use ZenBusiness, simply choose the Starter $39 package, which has none of them. Or just click ‘no’ when the options appear.

I’ve Heard LegalZoom Has a Lot of Upsells. Does ZenBusiness?

We tested the ZenBusiness ordering process to see how many upsells we encountered. We chose their $39 Starter plan, entered some personal information, and then began placing our order.

As we worked our way through their order form, they attempted upsells to add an EIN ($70), their Worry Free Guarantee ($119/year), a banking resolution template ($30), a business website formation package ($100/year), and a domain name ($25/year).

In short, while not nearly as many as LegalZoom, there is a handful of upsells with ZenBusiness. However, the main difference between their upsells and other services’ is that ZenBusiness is a bit more tasteful with it. Some other services use somewhat intimidating language to get you to buy, while ZenBusiness’ feel sincerely helpful.

How Quickly Does ZenBusiness Process LLC Formations?

The ZenBusiness LLC processing speeds are based on a combination of state capabilities, and which level of package you order.

In general, we can say that they’re as fast or faster than many other LLC websites. For a look at how long it’d take to form an LLC with ZenBusiness, plug in your information on this page on their website. It takes about 5 seconds to get a clear estimate.

Other Than LLC Formation, What Else Can ZenBusiness Do?

ZenBusiness provides a wide variety of additional services that can help any entrepreneur start, maintain, and grow their business. They offer registered agent service, operating agreement templates, annual reports, EIN acquisition, publication service, amendments, certificates of good standing, business bank accounts, accounting services, and more.

My LLC Needs an EIN. Is It Worth the Money?

This honestly comes down to a matter of your personal preferences and comfort levels. Some entrepreneurs like the convenience of having an EIN confirmation in the same place as our LLC formation paperwork, so in our opinion, it is worth the extra $70. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can obtain your own EIN for free from the IRS.


What Other Services Does ZenBusiness Offer?

As with most competitors, ZenBusiness provides a wide variety of additional services to help entrepreneurs form, maintain, and grow their businesses. We dug into the list of features ZenBusiness offers to see how much they charge for each of these services, which can be especially interesting when examining a la carte pricing for features included in their formation packages.

Let’s take a look at everything ZenBusiness offers and discuss which services are good deals and which ones you can ignore.

  • Registered Agent Service ($99 or $119 per year): If you purchase registered agent service as a standalone feature, you get two options. The $99 option only includes online document storage, while the $149 version adds ZenBusiness’ Worry Free Compliance feature, which typically costs $119 per year on its own. If you would like some help staying compliant with your state, this is a great value.
  • Operating Agreement Template ($35): While an operating agreement is an important aspect of any LLC, we’re not sure it’s worth $35 to buy a template when you can easily find operating agreement templates for free elsewhere online.
  • Expedited Processing ($50-100): If you order the Starter package, you can purchase upgraded processing as a standalone feature. The exact times vary by state, but for the most part, the $50 option cuts your turnaround time in half, while the $100 reduces your processing time to roughly ¼ of what it would be without expedited processing. If you’re really in a hurry, and you don’t want to purchase their Pro or Premium plans which include upgraded processing, this isn’t a bad deal.
  • Worry Free Compliance ($119 per year): This feature includes assistance with your annual reports and other state filings, along with two amendments per year. The amendments alone are worth $250 if you actually use them, but most entrepreneurs don’t need to amend their formation documents very often. This feature is best purchased as part of an LLC package or with the upgraded registered agent service option — it’s not a great deal on its own.
  • EIN ($70): It’s very easy to obtain your own EIN from the IRS, so it’s probably unnecessary to spend $70 having ZenBusiness acquire one on your behalf.
  • Annual Reports ($75): Annual report service is included with the Worry Free Compliance package, but you can save some money if you get rid of the amendments (that most people won’t use anyway). $75 is a reasonable rate for annual report service, but it’s a better deal to package it with registered agent service.
  • Certificate of Publication ($200): Some states (like New York) require new LLCs to publish proof of their formations in newspapers. ZenBusiness is one of the few business services companies that offer this service, although you should be aware that the actual newspaper advertising fees are in addition to this $200 price point.
  • Amendments ($100): If you need to amend your LLC’s formation documents, it’s a much better deal to purchase the Worry Free Compliance package, which includes two amendments and ongoing compliance service.
  • Certificate of Good Standing ($75): This is a form that proves your LLC is current and compliant with all state regulations. $75 isn’t a bad deal, but IncFile offers this same service for just $49.
  • Banking Resolution ($30): A banking resolution is a form you give to a bank to prove that your LLC’s representative has the right to open an account in its name. Banking resolutions are usually unnecessary because most banks will accept an EIN instead, which you can get for free from the IRS.
  • Domain Name Registration ($25 per year): You can register your own domain name for $10-20 per year, but if you’d rather have someone else do it for you, this isn’t a bad price point at all.
  • Business Email Address ($25 per year): ZenBusiness will provide a secure business email address with 5 GB of storage.
  • Customizable Website Package ($100 per year): ZenBusiness will take care of your domain name and web hosting, while also providing customizable templates for your website. Not a bad deal!
  • Business License Report ($99): This feature includes a list of all the licenses and permits your business needs to operate in compliance with federal, state, and local law. You still have to apply for the licenses yourself, but it’s quite helpful to get a list of everything you need.
  • Business Document Templates ($100): Receive access to 25+ templates so you can create contracts, waivers, and more.
  • Business Bank Account ($110/year): ZenBusiness will provide you with access to a bank account for your LLC. This feature seems unnecessary, considering the fact that you can simply go to a bank and open an account for free in many cases.
  • Google Ads Credit: When you spend up to $150 in your first 30 days as a Google Ads customer, ZenBusiness will provide a code that provides matching funds for each dollar you spend.
  • Business Name Reservation ($50): If you’re not yet ready to form your LLC, ZenBusiness will reserve your desired business name with the state. Business name reservations are rarely necessary, and the form is usually quite simple if you do decide to register one. This price does not include state fees.


Ready to Start Your LLC?

Start your LLC with ZenBusiness or read our comparison review of the 7 top LLC services.

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Popular Alternative to ZenBusiness

If ZenBusiness doesn’t feel like the best LLC website for you, here’s a popular alternative. While there are dozens of options available, LegalZoom is the most well-known. For a closer look, check out our LegalZoom VS ZenBusiness comparison to see how they stack up.

LegalZoomStarts at $79 (3.7/5)FairRarely
ZenBusinessStarts at $39 (4.8/5)ExcellentYes

LegalZoom is undoubtedly the first LLC formation website that comes to mind for entrepreneurs wanting to start an LLC. While they don’t offer nearly as much value as ZenBusiness, they do have massive brand power.


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