Swyft Filings LLC Service Alternatives (3 Top Options)

Swyft Filings LLC Service AlternativesAre you forming a new LLC, but you’re not sure which of the many service providers you should look to for help? Swyft Filings is a popular option when it comes to LLC service, but does that mean they’re the best fit for your company?

Swyft Filings has served thousands of customers since they opened for business in 2012, making them one of the more recent additions to the LLC services industry. With an excellent base rate of $49 (plus state fee), they’re one of the most affordable formation providers around, and they back all their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This Swyft Filings LLC service alternatives guide highlights the similarities and differences between Swyft Filings and some of their top competitors. Which one has the features you need at the prices you want?

IncFile has been in the game a bit longer than Swyft Filings, with over 150,000 customers served since they opened in 2004. With great rates and smartly bundled features, IncFile is a top LLC service for a reason. How do they compare to Swyft Filings?

  • Their price point of $49 plus state fee is exactly the same as Swyft Filings’ base rate. However, IncFile’s Gold package for $149 bundles in registered agent and federal tax ID number (EIN) obtainment, features most LLCs need. Swyft Filings does not offer a package that bundles these services with your formation.
  • Much like Swyft Filings, IncFile gets highly positive customer feedback. Both companies have hundreds of reviews all over the internet, and they both also maintain high average scores that indicate most customers would recommend the service.
  • If your state has any additional compliance requirements, like initial report filings or newspaper publications, IncFile always informs you of these state-specific needs. Speaking of state-by-state specificity, they also provide you with turnaround time estimates for both regular and rush processing in all 50 states.

IncFile rounds out their offering with a solid customer support reputation. It’s hard to ask for much more from your LLC service than IncFile provides, but there are still a couple of other options that you might personally prefer.

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As opposed to the other options in this guide, LegalZoom is an industry giant. Since 1999, they’ve served about 2 million business clients and another 2 million individuals, which is a massive volume of customers. Here’s how they stack up to the competition.

  • Their LLC service starts at $79 before state fees, which is clearly a higher price tag than we’ve discussed with any of the previous options. Compounding that issue is the fact that they don’t include registered agent or EIN in any formation package, so getting all 3 of these services will cost a bit more with LegalZoom.
  • LegalZoom has longer customer service hours than any other company in the industry. They’re available from 8am-10pm ET on weekdays and they’re even open from 10am-7pm ET on weekends.

The major strengths of LegalZoom as an LLC service provider are their significant brand power and their extensive experience. Finally, much like and Swyft Filings, they provide customers with the safety net of a satisfaction guarantee.

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MyCompanyWorks isn’t quite as big of a company as IncFile, yet they’ve still been around longer than Swyft Filings has. They opened in 2001, and they’ve helped form over 50,000 businesses since then. Let’s see what they have to offer.

  • Their prices for basic formation are a bit higher than Swyft Filings or IncFile, starting at $79 (plus state fee). As for the combination of formation, EIN and registered agent, they have a package which includes all of these features that’s available for $279.
  • MyCompanyWorks backs all their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re less than happy for any reason, all you have to do is ask for a refund and they will grant it. Swyft Filings does have a similar guarantee, but IncFile does not.
  • With MyCompanyWorks, there’s no waiting around for them to return your calls or respond to your emails. If you contact them during business hours, they usually get back to you within just 20 minutes. Some competitors make you wait until the next day to get your questions answered.

One small way they set themselves apart from the crowd is with their formation checklist. This feature, which is exclusive to MyCompanyWorks, guides you through each step of the process and ensures you don’t overlook anything.

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Final Thoughts

These business formation services are all more than capable of handling your LLC formation, as well as offering many other business solutions. The biggest benefit of using a provider like this is that you save hundreds of dollars compared to hiring a business attorney to draft and file your articles of organization.

Each of these 4 companies has their advantages relative to the others. Which one you choose likely comes down to which one best addresses your priorities. IncFile and Swyft Filings offer the lowest prices, LegalZoom has the most experience, MyCompanyWorks provides highly accessible service reps, etc.

Overall, my favorite Swyft Filings alternative is IncFile. Considering the fact that they include a full year of registered agent in any formation package, IncFile presents an excellent value to any entrepreneur.