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Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp (Which is Right for You?)

Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorpDo you want to form a new LLC, but you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the DIY method? Are you also unwilling (or unable) to dedicate hundreds or even thousands of dollars to hire an attorney to draft and file your formation documents?

Companies like Northwest Registered Agent and InCorp can professionally form your LLC for much less money than a lawyer, but how do you figure out which one is the best choice for you?

This Northwest Registered Agent vs InCorp comparison takes a look at their common characteristics, as well as the attributes that set them apart. By the time you finish reading this guide, we think you’ll have a much better idea of which one is the best option to form your new LLC.


Quick Summary

Northwest Registered Agent and InCorp are both reputable and highly respected companies in the LLC formation service industry. They’re both trustworthy and capable, and they’re both very easy to recommend. Still, Northwest Registered Agent has a few crucial advantages that make them the best option for most of our readers.

First off, the $79 (plus state fee) price point offered by Northwest Registered Agent is quite a bit lower than the $99 it will cost to get your LLC formed by InCorp. In addition, Northwest includes a full year of registered agent service with any LLC formation package, a feature that costs an extra $99 to add onto your InCorp formation.

Would you like to get some more information before making your choice? Let’s dive into the details of these two service providers.


7 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: With Northwest Registered Agent and InCorp, you’ll save a lot of money compared to the high cost of hiring a lawyer to form your LLC. Especially seeing as the LLC isn’t a very complex business structure, you may not even need an attorney’s expertise to begin with.

2) Customer Support: Saving money is always nice, but there’s really not much benefit if you’re going to be left out in the cold whenever you have questions or concerns. Northwest Registered Agent and InCorp both have comprehensive customer support networks that can answer your questions quickly and correctly, leaving you with more time to focus on actually running your business.

3) Experience: It’s always a good feeling to know that the company you’re trusting to form your new LLC has formed plenty of businesses in the past, and that’s definitely the case for these service providers. InCorp and Northwest Registered Agent are both highly experienced, and you can rest assured that they’ll get the job done right.

4) Efficiency: Are you running short on time before you need your LLC formed? That’s no problem at all for these service providers. For an extra cost, both Northwest Registered Agent and InCorp can expedite your processing, which can cut your turnaround from weeks down to just a few days in many states.

5) Additional Features: There are plenty of other business services that you can acquire from these service providers. From federal tax ID number (EIN) obtainment to LLC documents like operating agreements and Certificates of Good Standing, they have you covered when it comes to additional features.

6) Security: Many consumers are concerned about their online security these days, and for good reason. These companies both make your security a priority. InCorp uses McAfee Secure to protect their website, and Northwest Registered Agent runs their own servers and writes their own code to prevent your info from falling into someone else’s hands.

7) Educational: Whether you end up becoming a customer or not, you can learn a lot from these service providers’ websites. InCorp has a large collection of business articles on their site, and Northwest Registered Agent has a nice variety of how-to guides. Both resources cover lots of ground from the formation process through ongoing compliance issues.


Side by Side Comparisons


With their starting price point of $79 (plus state fee), Northwest Registered Agent is clearly more affordable than InCorp’s baseline $99 price tag. (See Details)


While both of these providers include the basics of formation ― including a business name availability search, and the preparation and filing of your articles of organization ― that’s where the similarities end in this category. InCorp’s formation package is rather threadbare, but Northwest Registered Agent adds a full year of their premium registered agent service with any of their LLC formation packages.


InCorp opened for business in 1998, and today they have over 125,000 active clients, which is quite impressive. Northwest Registered Agent was also founded in 1998, and they’re a bit smaller of an operation, but they’ve served thousands of customers as well.

Customer Support

InCorp has a strong reputation for customer support, as they have quick response times and knowledgeable, friendly representatives. However, it would take a lot to top Northwest Registered Agent’s highly personalized approach to customer service.

Each Northwest client is assigned to one of their Corporate Guides, and that individual personally oversees every step of your LLC’s formation. You’ll never need to explain your company’s situation to someone who isn’t already familiar.

Turnaround Times

Both of these companies base their turnaround times on guidelines from your state of formation. While Northwest Registered Agent is quicker in some states, and InCorp is a touch faster in others, for the most part they are equals in this category.

Order Tracking

Northwest Registered Agent has a rather intuitive order status tracking tool on their website that makes it easy to find out exactly which step your formation is in at any given time. With InCorp, you’ll need to email them if you need a status update. It’s not a big deal, but it’s clearly an advantage for Northwest.

Registered Agent Service

We already mentioned that Northwest Registered Agent bundles in 12 months of their namesake registered agent service with any formation package. They’re also the only major service provider that locally scans every document they receive on your behalf ― most competitors only scan the official government forms that they’re required to. After your complimentary first year, Northwest charges $125 per year for registered agent.

InCorp has some advantages of their own when it comes to registered agent service though. Their base rate of $99/year is pretty good to start with, but if you prepay future years of service, their prices go from good to great: 2 years @ $89.10/year, 3 years @ $80.52/year, 4 years @ $73.06/year, 5 years @ $66.56/year. (What is a registered agent?)

Customer Reviews

This category is pretty even for these two companies. InCorp has a few more reviews available, with 135 of them compared to the 62 reviews we found for Northwest Registered Agent, but the quality of the reviews these companies get is nearly universally positive. When it comes to customer feedback, both of these service providers score very highly.

Ease of Use

We think these services can both save you lots of effort and time by professionally forming your LLC on your behalf. They both also have user-friendly and intuitive websites, and at the end of the day they are equals in this area.


Best Service for LLC Formation?

There’s no question in our minds that Northwest Registered Agent and InCorp are two of the best LLC formation services you can find. They are both much less expensive than hiring a lawyer, and much less work than the DIY option.

If you haven’t quite made up your mind yet, we’ll finish up this comparison by quickly discussing a few of the main reasons customers choose one or the other. Regardless of which one you ultimately choose to help form your LLC, we wish you nothing but the best with your new business!

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if You Are:

Do you want the lowest price point for your LLC formation? Are you looking for a service provider that includes registered agent service? Perhaps you like the idea of their premium customer support? These are some of the top reasons to choose Northwest Registered Agent.

Choose InCorp if You Are:

Do you want a service provider with a bit more experience? Maybe you’re impressed by their price point for registered agent service, or by their volume of positive customer feedback? InCorp should be a good choice to handle your LLC formation.

Starting at $99


  • Best if you want
  • an LLC with discounted registered agent