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Northwest Registered Agent vs Harvard Business Services (Who’s More Reliable?)

Northwest Registered Agent vs Harvard Business ServicesAre you preparing to form a new LLC, but you’re unsure how to tackle the DIY route? Do you also lack the budget to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer to form your LLC?

With service providers like Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services, you can get your LLC formed professionally for a fraction of the cost of an attorney. But how do you discern which one has your best interests in mind?

In this Northwest Registered Agent vs Harvard Business Services comparison guide, we’ll break down the most important commonalities and differences between these two companies. We’re confident that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a good grasp on which one is the better fit for your company.


Quick Summary

With Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services, we’re dealing with two of the most popular and respected LLC formation services around. They’re both entirely capable of forming your LLC with very little effort on your part. However, Northwest Registered Agent does have a few advantages that put them over the top, in our opinion.

Most importantly, Northwest Registered Agent’s starting price point of $79 (plus state fee) is more affordable than the $89 rate offered by Harvard Business Services. Furthermore, Harvard Business Services only forms companies in the state of Delaware, but Northwest Registered Agent can form an LLC in any state you desire.

Do you need some more info before making your choice? Let’s get down to the details of what sets these two service providers apart.


7 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: These service providers can both save you a tremendous amount of money compared to hiring an attorney to draft and file your formation documents. Especially considering the LLC isn’t all that complicated of a business structure, you probably don’t need a lawyer’s expertise anyway.

2) Customer Support: Saving money is great, but if you can’t get help when you need it, was it really worth it? Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services each have extensive customer service departments that can answer even your toughest questions quickly and accurately.

3) Experience: It’s always reassuring to see that a service provider has lots of experience, and that’s certainly the case with Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services. They’ve each formed thousands of LLCs and been around for many years, which makes them both easy to trust.

4) Efficiency: If time is of the essence for getting your LLC formed, that’s no problem for these companies. Both Harvard Business Services and Northwest Registered Agent have expedited processing options available that can significantly speed up the turnaround time of your LLC formation.

5) Registered Agent Service: Every LLC needs to designate a registered agent to receive and forward your important government-issued documents, which is one less thing you’ll need to worry about if you choose Northwest Registered Agent or Harvard Business Services. Both of these providers include a full year of registered agent service with your LLC formation package.

6) Additional Services: Are you interested in acquiring other business services for your LLC, like foreign qualification, an operating agreement, or perhaps a federal tax ID number (EIN)? Harvard Business Services and Northwest Registered Agent both provide many additional services beyond your formation, which can help you stay compliant for years to come.

7) Great Customer Reviews: While Harvard Business Services has a much larger volume of customer feedback than Northwest Registered Agent does, both of these service providers receive overwhelmingly positive reviews from their clients.


Side by Side Comparisons


With a base rate of $79 (plus state fee), Northwest Registered Agent is a more affordable option than Harvard Business Services, which starts their pricing at $89. (See Details)


The feature sets offered by these two service providers are very similar. Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services each include the essentials of LLC formation, including a name availability search, along with the full prep and filing of your articles of organization. Furthermore, they also both provide 12 months of registered agent service. The only significant difference between their LLC services are the fact that Northwest forms businesses in all 50 states, but Harvard Business Services only deals with Delaware formations.


Harvard Business Services has the edge in this category, as they’ve formed over 150,000 businesses since opening in 1981. As for Northwest Registered Agent, they’ve formed several thousand businesses since 1998, which is a respectable amount of experience, but doesn’t hold a candle to Harvard Business Services.

Customer Support

Both of these companies have strong customer service reputations, but we’ll give Northwest Registered Agent the advantage. Northwest assigns one of their highly trained Corporate Guides to each client account, and that individual personally oversees every step of your formation process. You’ll never have to explain your company’s situation to anyone who isn’t already familiar with you and your business.

Harvard Business Services also provides good customer support, they just don’t have the high level of personalization that you’ll find with Northwest Registered Agent. They still do receive high marks from their clients when it comes to customer service though.

Turnaround Times

Because of their focus on forming businesses only in Delaware, Harvard Business Services has super-fast turnaround times in this state. They can form a Delaware LLC in just 1-3 days! Northwest Registered Agent has a 5-day filing time for Delaware formations, although for a $50 upcharge you can have this time reduced to one day. In other states, their turnarounds vary depending on requirements from the state.

Order Tracking

Northwest Registered Agent provides a simple order status tracking tool on their website that makes it easy to see which step your formation is currently in. On the other hand, Harvard Business Services recommends that you call or email them to get a status update by providing them with your name, company name, and order number code. Northwest clearly has the advantage here.

Registered Agent Service

We mentioned earlier that both of these companies provide a full year of registered agent service when you purchase any LLC formation package. Beyond that, each of them has an advantage over the other in this area.

For their part, Northwest Registered Agent is the only major service provider that locally scans every single document they receive on your behalf as your registered agent. Most competitors will only scan the government-issued docs that they’re required to scan.

However, when it comes to pricing, Harvard Business Services has a significant advantage. After your free first year, they charge just $50 per year, and they guarantee that this rate will remain at $50 for the life of your business. As for Northwest Registered Agent, they charge an annual fee of $125. (What is a registered agent?)

Customer Reviews

Both Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services receive highly positive feedback from the vast majority of their clients. The difference in this category is in the volume of reviews. Whereas Northwest Registered Agent only has a few dozen reviews available online, Harvard Business Services has about 2,500 reviews, giving them a clear advantage when it comes to customer feedback.

Ease of Use

With either of these companies, you’ll receive LLC formation service that is much simpler to use than it would be to go the DIY route. They both have very user-friendly websites, and services that are simple to leverage. They’re relatively equal in this regard.


Which is the Best LLC Website for You?

We’re big fans of what Northwest Registered Agent and Harvard Business Services have to offer as LLC formation service providers. They are both much cheaper than hiring a lawyer to form your LLC, and far simpler than the DIY route.

Some of you may still be undecided about which service you’d rather use to form your new LLC, so to help you make up your mind, we’ll finish up this comparison with a brief rundown of the main reasons people choose one or the other. No matter which one you end up using to form your business, we wish you the best of luck!

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if You Are:

Are you seeking the lowest price points? Do you want to form a business in any state other than Delaware? These are a couple of the top reasons to go with Northwest Registered Agent.

Choose Harvard Business Services if You Are:

Are you forming a business in the state of Delaware? Do you prefer a large volume of high-quality customer feedback? Are you enticed by their low rates for registered agent service? Harvard Business Services should be a great fit.

Harvard Business Services
Starting at $279


  • Best if you want
  • to form an LLC in Delaware