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Northwest Registered Agent vs Harbor Compliance (Who Wins in this Comparison?)

Northwest Registered Agent vs Harbor ComplianceDo you need to form a new LLC, but you’re not comfortable going the DIY route? Do you also lack the budget to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on hiring a lawyer to prepare and file your articles of organization?

Service providers like Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance can form your new LLC for a fraction of the cost of a lawyer, but how do you figure out which one you should use?

In this Northwest Registered Agent vs Harbor Compliance comparison, we’ll walk you through the main common characteristics and differentiators between these two respected LLC service providers. We hope this guide makes your choice a little bit easier!


Quick Summary

With Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance, we’re dealing with two of the most popular and reputable LLC formation services. They both have plenty of experience, and they know how to get the job done right. However, in our opinion Northwest Registered Agent has a few advantages that make them the better choice for most of our readers.

Most importantly, Northwest’s starting price point of $79 plus state fee for LLC service is much more affordable than the $399 charged by Harbor Compliance. Furthermore, Northwest Registered Agent offers a very similar service to Harbor Compliance, so the price difference just doesn’t feel worth it to us.

Would you like to get some more information before making your decision? Read on as we dive into the details of these two LLC service providers.


7 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: Both Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance are considerably less expensive than hiring a lawyer to form your LLC. Because the LLC is not a particularly complex business structure, you may not even need an attorney’s expertise to begin with.

2) Customer Support: Saving money is always important, but you don’t want to have to go it alone either. One of the best aspects of these service providers is the way they provide premium customer service. Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent both offer highly personalized support, and they can answer even your toughest questions about the LLC formation process.

3) Experience: These service providers have each formed thousands of businesses over the years. Experience is always important, and with these companies, you can rest assured that they have a high level of understanding regarding the legalities and requirements of LLC formation in all 50 states.

4) Efficiency: If you need your LLC formed in a hurry, that’s no problem for either of these service providers. Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance both offer expedited service (for an additional cost, of course) that can significantly speed up your formation in many states.

5) Registered Agent Service: Every LLC needs to designate a registered agent to receive and forward official documents from your state government. Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent both provide a full year of registered agent service with the purchase of any LLC formation package, so this is one less thing to concern yourself with.

6) Great Customer Reviews: These companies are both quite popular with their existing clients, as they maintain very high average rating scores on review websites. We always prefer to see strong customer feedback before making an important purchase, and that’s certainly the case with these service providers.

7) Additional Services: Are you interested in other business services to help you maintain your LLC’s compliant status, like a federal tax ID number (EIN) or a foreign qualification? Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance both offer a wide variety of additional services that can really come in handy.


Side by Side Comparisons


Northwest Registered Agent offers LLC formation service starting at $79 (plus state fee), which is a much lower price point than the $399 charged by Harbor Compliance. (See Details)


Both of these service providers include the essentials of formation, like a business name availability check, and the preparation and filing of your articles of organization. They also each provide 12 months of registered agent service with any LLC formation package.

However, Harbor Compliance does include some additional features that help justify their higher price tag. They bundle in a federal tax ID number (EIN), as well as a template to help you create an operating agreement ― two features that Northwest Registered Agent does not provide in their base formation package.


Northwest Registered Agent opened their doors in 1998, and since then they’ve carved out a niche as a respected midsize company in the business services industry. Harbor Compliance is a newer company, as they formed in 2012, but having served 10,000+ clients, they are quite similar to Northwest regarding the size of their operation.

Customer Support

Simply put, Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent are two of the best in the business when it comes to the high quality of their customer service. They both assign one of their highly trained employees to oversee each individual client account, and that person guides you through each step of your LLC formation. You’ll never have to explain your situation to a random person at an outsourced call center with these service providers.

Turnaround Times

Both of these companies base their turnaround times on the typical processing times of each state. While Northwest Registered Agent has a slight advantage in some states, and Harbor Compliance is a bit quicker in others, overall they are equals in this area.

Order Tracking

These service providers each have simple order tracking tools that keep you updated of which step your formation is in at any given time. While they’re not especially fancy, they get the job done.

Registered Agent Service

As we mentioned earlier, both of these companies provide 12 months of registered agent service when you purchase an LLC formation package. Northwest does have a slight advantage in this area though, because they’re the only major service provider that locally scans every document they receive as your registered agent ― competitors only scan the government docs they’re required to scan.

However, when it comes to pricing, Harbor Compliance has the edge. After your first year of service, Northwest Registered Agent charges an annual fee of $125, whereas Harbor Compliance has a lower price point of $99 per year. (What is a registered agent?)

Customer Reviews

Harbor Compliance and Northwest Registered Agent have nearly identical reputations when it comes to customer feedback. They each have a few dozen reviews available, and almost all of them are highly positive. Customer reviews are a big pro for both of these service providers.

Ease of Use

Both of these companies have user-friendly and intuitive websites that are easy to navigate. Their services are highly convenient, and they both dramatically simplify the LLC formation process. This category is another toss-up between these two great companies.


Which LLC Provider Wins?

Northwest Registered Agent and Harbor Compliance are two of our favorite LLC formation services. They’re both highly capable, and it’s very easy to recommend either one of them to readers looking for LLC service.

That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of you remain undecided, so to close out this comparison guide, we’ll point out a few of the main reasons why customers end up choosing one or the other. Regardless of which one you end up choosing, we wish you luck with your new LLC!

Choose Northwest Registered Agent if You Are:

Are you seeking the lowest price points, without sacrificing much in the way of features? Northwest Registered Agent should be a great fit.

Choose Harbor Compliance if You Are:

Do you want the most fully featured LLC formation service package? Perhaps you’re drawn to their low price point for registered agent service? These are a couple of good reasons to go with Harbor Compliance.

Harbor Compliance
Starting at $399


  • Best if you want
  • a complete LLC formation package