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Nationwide Incorporators LLC Service DiscountSince 1997, Nationwide Incorporators has offered LLC formation services to customers around the country.

Even in a crowded industry like corporate formations, Nationwide Incorporators has carved out a corner of the market due to their attorney-reviewed services.

There are dozens of companies providing LLC service, but none of them offer access to qualified business attorneys in the same way Nationwide Incorporators does.

Every single document that leaves their office is either drafted or reviewed by a lawyer, making them an intriguing option that falls somewhere in between hiring an attorney and using a standard document-filing service.

If you’re like us, you’re always looking for discounts. Here at Best LLC Services, we have discount codes for some of the best LLC formation services online, but is there a discount code available for Nationwide Incorporators?


Is There a Nationwide Incorporators LLC Discount?

Unfortunately, we are not aware of any discount codes for Nationwide Incorporators. Trust us, it’s not for a lack of searching.

We looked far and wide hoping to find a way for our readers to save money with Nationwide Incorporators, but we came up empty. Nationwide Incorporators does have reasonable pricing to begin with, but it’s disappointing that there aren’t any ways to knock their rates down a bit.

If you’re looking for an LLC service that can save you some money while also providing tons of great features, look no further than our exclusive ZenBusiness discount code.

With this discount, ZenBusiness will form your business for just $39, which is less than 1/3 of what Nationwide Incorporators charges for formation service. In addition, ZenBusiness includes a full year of registered agent service, while Nationwide Incorporators only offers registered agent as a standalone feature.


Quick Review of Nationwide Incorporators

You’re always welcome to take a look at our comprehensive Nationwide Incorporators LLC formation service review, but we’ll also do a quick rundown on this page.

Three Main Advantages of Nationwide Incorporators

Qualified business attorneys either draft or review all documents

They offer state-specific compliance assistance

Education Center has tons of info about business types, licensing, and more

Three Main Disadvantages of Nationwide Incorporators

No registered agent included with formation packages

High prices

No online ordering for some services (including registered agent)


Nationwide Incorporators LLC Pricing and Features

Basic = $145 + State Fee

➢ Preparation and Filing of Articles of Organization: The articles of organization are the forms filed with your state government to officially create your new LLC. Nationwide Incorporators will draft these documents for you, then file them with your state of formation.

➢ Name Availability Check: Before submitting your articles, they’ll search your state’s business database to make sure there isn’t another business using your desired name.

➢ Sample Operating Agreement: All LLCs should have an operating agreement, which is the document that describes your ownership structure, and also lays out some rules and regulations for the way your business will operate. Nationwide Incorporators will provide you with a sample document, which you can customize to fit your company.

Sample Organizational Minutes: Minutes help you organize official meetings of your LLC’s members. You are not required to use minutes, or even hold these meetings, but if you choose to, you will have a sample form that you can use.


Priority Deluxe = $325 + State Fee

Everything from the Basic package, plus…

➢ Custom Operating Agreement: Instead of simply providing you with a customizable document, Nationwide Incorporators will draft your operating agreement for you.

Custom Membership Certificates: Personalized documents for your LLC’s ownership group.

➢ Compliance Checklist: You’ll receive a list of ongoing compliance requirements to maintain your company’s good standing, specifically tailored to the rules and regulations of your state of formation.

➢ Minute Book: A binder with your business name printed on it.


Priority Premium = $375 + State Fee

Everything from the Priority Deluxe package, plus…

Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): This is essentially a Social Security Number for your business. An EIN enables you to hire employees, open business bank accounts, file business taxes, and more.

Membership Ledger: Keep track of your initial ownership interests and any ownership changes down the line in this convenient ledger.

➢ Custom Minutes


Customer Support Quality

Nationwide Incorporators has excellent customer support. You can contact them by phone, or you can fill out the contact form on their website. In our experience, company founder Mike Ross — a business attorney with 40+ years of experience — often answers the phone himself!

Their only drawback in this area is that their hours of operation are only from 9am until 6pm ET on weekdays, which is a shorter availability window than many of their competitors offer.


What Nationwide Incorporators Customer Reviews Are Saying

There isn’t much feedback available online for Nationwide Incorporators, as we were only able to find five total customer reviews.

While it would clearly be preferable to see more feedback than this, it is worth pointing out that all five reviews are highly positive, and there are no critical reviews to be found anywhere that we searched online. Still, it’s awfully difficult to do much analysis on such a small sample, so in the end we’ll just say that customer feedback isn’t a major pro or con for Nationwide Incorporators.


Final Verdict

Whether or not Nationwide Incorporators is the right choice for your business comes down to whether you value their attorney review. If you think your LLC should be easy to form, and you don’t have any questions that you’d like to ask a lawyer about, you can save money with one of their competitors.

However, for those of you looking for assistance from an experienced business attorney without paying a lawyer’s fees, Nationwide Incorporators is a great option.

Otherwise, if you’re looking to compare the two most popular options, see our LegalZoom vs ZenBusiness comparison.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

Their refund policy isn’t terribly comprehensive, as it seems to mostly cover fixing their own mistakes, and does not discuss what will happen if you are generally unsatisfied with their services.

In their own words: “We will gladly correct any errors we have made at no cost to you by providing you with revised documents or forms or re-filing any documents.”

How Much Will Nationwide Incorporators Cost in Total?

There are two major variables when it comes to determining your total cost. The first is which one of Nationwide Incorporators’ LLC formation service plans you choose.

The second factor is how much your state charges as a formation fee. State fees vary considerably from state to state. Some states like Kentucky have fees as low as $40, but some other states like Massachusetts charge as much as $500. In other words, it’s not possible for us to nail down how much your exact expenses will be.

Is Nationwide Incorporators the Cheapest LLC Formation Service?

No, and they’re honestly not even close. ZenBusiness, IncFile, and Northwest Registered Agent can all form LLCs while providing a full year of registered agent for $79 or less.

Is Using Nationwide Incorporators to Form an LLC Cheaper Than Using LegalZoom?

LegalZoom offers LLC formation service starting at $79, so they are also a more affordable option than Nationwide Incorporators.


Still on the Fence About Nationwide Incorporators?

It’s totally fine to be uncertain about which online LLC formation service is the right choice for your unique business.

After all, there are a ton of options out there, and each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. However, we’ve done countless hours of research on this topic, reviewing and comparing all of the best LLC formation services.

If you feel like you still need some more information, we have some resources that could help you finalize your decision. You can always take a look at our full-length Nationwide Incorporators review, which examines every important aspect of their services.

Beyond that, we invite you to check out some of our comparison guides, which take a head-to-head view of the competition between Nationwide Incorporators and their top competitors:

Nationwide Incorporators vs Northwest Registered Agent

Nationwide Incorporators vs Northwest Registered Agent: Typically, Nationwide Incorporators can beat Northwest’s pricing, but that’s not true if you use our exclusive Northwest discount code. Instead of their usual $225 price point for LLC formation service, our discount knocks their price down to $79.

Northwest includes one year of registered agent service with any formation package purchase. In addition, their personalized customer support is an excellent aspect of their services. In fact, we think Northwest is the only company in this industry that compares favorably to Nationwide Incorporators in the area of customer support.

Overall, Northwest is one of our favorite companies in this industry, and it’s easy to see why. Between their low prices, great customer service, and excellent features, their offer is a tough one to top.

Nationwide Incorporators vs IncFile

Nationwide Incorporators vs IncFile: IncFile actually offers a free business formation package that still includes a year of registered agent, so they clearly come out ahead of Nationwide Incorporators in the value proposition. IncFile also receives spectacular customer feedback, with thousands upon thousands of positive reviews.

Nationwide Incorporators has a big advantage in the area of customer support, and they also don’t pile on the upsell attempts like IncFile does. Still, considering the fact that IncFile will form your business for free, we don’t think that’s enough to close the gap. IncFile is a better bargain.

Nationwide Incorporators vs LegalZoom

Nationwide Incorporators vs LegalZoom: With LegalZoom, you can form a business for $99, which is a significant savings compared to Nationwide Incorporators. However, LegalZoom includes very few additional features, and their customer support is nothing to write home about either.

LegalZoom is one of the most experienced companies in this industry, with more than 3.5 million customers served. While they do have a much higher volume of reviews than Nationwide Incorporators does, their feedback reputation is rather mixed between positive and negative reviews.

While LegalZoom can save you some money, we still think Nationwide Incorporators is clearly the better option if you value their attorney-reviewed services.


Great LLC Service Discount Codes

Here at Best LLC Services, we always try to find as many ways for our readers to save money as we can. In our opinion, there are too many formation services out there that charge way too much for their services, so we aim to do our part at cutting those costs. Whenever we find another deal to share with you, we’ll update this page to include it.


We take a great deal of pride in our exclusive ZenBusiness discount. With this discount, the ZenBusiness LLC formation price point of $49 drops down to $39, making this one of the most affordable formation packages available today.

With this deal, you’ll receive the full formation process for your new business, and they also include 12 months of registered agent service. Additionally, they include a free assessment with one of their in-house CPAs, along with a customizable LLC operating agreement.

Of course, one of the biggest advantages ZenBusiness has over their competitors is their outstanding customer feedback. With more than 1,300 reviews available online, they maintain impressively high average rating scores.

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent has a $79 price point for LLC formation service, but that’s only if you use our exclusive Northwest discount code. Without this discount, their entry-level price point for business formations is actually $225 (plus state fee), which is a much higher rate than the vast majority of competitors charge.

The best reason to choose Northwest as your formation service provider is if you place a high value on their industry-best customer support. If you don’t anticipate needing to contact their service representatives more than once or twice, we would probably recommend ZenBusiness instead. However, for those of you seeking the best support available, Northwest Registered Agent is a very appealing option.


With IncFile’s code, you can actually form an LLC free of charge! All you’ll need to pay is your state’s fee. Making this offer even more impressive is the fact that IncFile provides one year of registered agent service with each business formation package, even the free option.

One of IncFile’s big claims to fame is the fact that they receive outstanding reviews from their clients. Even though they have thousands of reviews available, they maintain very high average rating scores. As far as their actual service is concerned, IncFile is a well-rounded provider that doesn’t stand out in any specific way. Still, combined with their free formation offer, that’s more than enough for us to recommend them over Nationwide Incorporators.

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