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Last updated on: February 5th, 2019

MyCorporation vs (Discover Who’s Better)

MyCorporation vs Incorporate.comDo you need to form a new LLC, but you’re not experienced enough with the process to give the DIY route a try?

Are you also unwilling or unable to spend the hundreds or even thousands of dollars necessary to hire a lawyer to form your LLC? Fortunately, there are plenty of service providers like MyCorporation and that can form your LLC in a convenient and compliant fashion. But how do you decide which one is the right choice?

In this MyCorporation vs comparison guide, we’ll discuss their most important commonalities and differences. By the time you’re finished reading, we think you’ll have a much better idea of which one best suits your needs.


Quick Summary

MyCorporation and are two of the best LLC formation service providers available today, and they’re both easy companies to recommend. We’re confident that you’ll be a satisfied customer with either one of them. Still, MyCorporation has a few advantages that make them our preferred pick for most of our readers.

Most importantly, MyCorporation receives excellent feedback from their clients, with hundreds of reviews and very high average rating scores. On the other hand, has just a few dozen reviews, and they’re mostly negative in nature. Furthermore, MyCorporation’s $99 package includes a year of their managed annual report service, whereas’s package at the same price point only includes the basics of formation.

Would you like to learn more about these two respected service providers before you make your choice? Read on as we dig into all the important details.


6 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: With either one of these companies, you can save a considerable amount of money compared to the high cost of hiring an attorney to draft and file your formation documents. Considering the fact that the LLC isn’t a complicated business structure to begin with, you may find that you don’t even need a lawyer’s expertise.

2) Customer Support: Everyone loves saving money, but we also place a high value on getting reliable assistance when you need it most. MyCorporation and both have high-quality customer service representatives who ensure that help is always just a phone call or email away.

3) Experience: Why would you trust a fly-by-night company with no experience to form your LLC, when you can choose a highly experienced company that’s done this thousands of times before? With and MyCorporation, you can rest assured knowing your formation will be handled professionally.

4) Efficiency: These companies can both speed up your processing time from a matter of several weeks down to just a few days in many states. Just be aware that MyCorporation has some hefty additional surcharges for expediting orders (more on this in a bit…).

5) Additional Services: Many LLC formation service customers also require registered agent service, or an LLC operating agreement, or maybe a federal tax ID number (EIN). With these companies, you can access these and many other additional services you may need.

6) Educational: These companies both provide websites that can teach you quite a bit about the business world without having to spend a dime. MyCorporation has a learning center that includes lots of business tips and articles from small business owners like you, and offers how-to posts on everything from common startup tasks to industry-specific guides.


Side by Side Comparisons


MyCorporation’s pricing for their barebones $89 (plus state fee) Basic formation package is a little bit cheaper than’s rate of $99 for their comparable package. (See Details)


As we just mentioned, these two providers have very similar base-rate packages that include only the essentials of formation: a business name availability check, and the preparation and filing of your articles of organization. However, if you step up $10 to MyCorporation’s $99 Standard package, they’ll throw in a year of their managed annual report service, a highly valuable feature that doesn’t include at any level of service.

Experience has longevity that no one in this industry can match, as they’ve been open since the 19th century! Since they opened in 1899, they’ve served over 750,000 customers. As for MyCorporation, they’ve only been around since 1998, but they’ve already helped a higher customer volume than, with over a million clients served.

Customer Support

We’re fans of what both of these service providers have to offer when it comes to customer service. They both have friendly and helpful support reps, and they’re both pretty easy to get ahold of as well. You can reach MyCorporation’s representatives from 10am to 8pm ET on weekdays, while has slightly better availability that runs from 8am to 8pm ET on weekdays. Overall, this category is pretty even in our opinion.

Turnaround Times

Both of these service providers base their turnaround estimates on the guidelines of each individual state. While they can vary a bit, and one or the other might be slightly quicker in your state, for the most part they are equals when it comes to standard turnarounds.

While these companies will both expedite your order if you need it processed in a hurry, we would advise against using this feature if you’re a MyCorporation customer. Both of these service providers charge extra fees to expedite an order according to state guidelines, MyCorporation adds a ridiculous $100 surcharge of their own on top of the state’s fee.

Order Tracking

Both of these companies make it easy to keep track of which stage of the formation process your LLC is currently in. They both have user-friendly order status tracking tools on their websites, and this is another relatively equal category for these service providers.

Registered Agent Service

MyCorporation doesn’t include registered agent with their $89 Basic or $99 Standard packages, but they do bundle a full year’s worth into their $199 Deluxe and $299 Premium packages. In general, they charge the reasonable rate of $120 per year for registered agent service, which is a pretty standard price point. doesn’t bundle registered agent service into any of their LLC service packages, and they charge the very high annual rate of $235 if you want to add it on. MyCorporation clearly wins this round. (What is a registered agent?)

Customer Reviews’s reputation for client feedback leaves something to be desired. They have 50+ reviews available online, and most of them are negative in nature.

As for MyCorporation, their customer reviews couldn’t be much more different from those of With hundreds of reviews across the internet and fantastic average review scores, customer feedback is a real strength for MyCorporation.

Ease of Use

With either one of these companies, you’ll receive LLC formation service that is far easier to leverage than the DIY option. MyCorporation and both also have user-friendly websites. All told, they both score highly in the ease of use category.


Which LLC Service Should You Choose?

With MyCorporation and, we’re dealing with two of our favorite LLC formation service providers. They’re both highly capable when it comes to forming your LLC in compliant fashion, and at a reasonable price point as well.

It’s understandable that some of you may not have made up your minds yet, so to close out this comparison guide, we’ll take a quick look at some of the reasons people commonly choose one service provider over the other. Either way, we wish you the best of luck!

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Do you want annual report service bundled in with your LLC formation? Are you looking for a company with a strong customer feedback reputation? MyCorporation should be a great fit for your business.

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Are you impressed by their incredible longevity? Do you want an expedited formation without high added fees? Give a look.

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