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Last updated on: February 5th, 2019

MyCompanyWorks vs (Which is the Better Service?)

MyCompanyWorks vs Incorporate.comAre you looking to form a new LLC, but you’re not comfortable enough with the process to try the DIY route? Are you also lacking the budget to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars hiring a lawyer to draft and file your formation documents?

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies like MyCompanyWorks and that specialize in forming LLCs without breaking the bank, but how do you choose which one to use?

This MyCompanyWorks vs comparison guide goes into detail about the ways these two service providers form LLCs. There are some significant differences between the two (as well as plenty of common ground), and we think that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll know which one can best serve you.


Quick Summary

With MyCompanyWorks and, we’re dealing with two of our favorite LLC formation service providers. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either one, and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your experience regardless of which one you choose to form your LLC. That said, MyCompanyWorks has some distinct advantages that make them our preferred pick.

First and foremost, MyCompanyWorks’ price point of $79 (plus state fee) for LLC formation service is less expensive than the $99 you’ll pay with Furthermore, MyCompanyWorks receives glowing feedback from their clients, whereas has a much smaller volume of reviews, and they’re usually not positive in nature either.

If you feel like you need some more detailed information before making your selection, read on as we run through how these companies compare in a number of important categories.


7 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: One important factor these companies share is their ability to save you a significant sum of money compared to the expense of hiring a lawyer to form your LLC. Seeing as the LLC is one of the simplest business formations in America, you may not need an attorney’s expertise anyway.

2) Customer Support: Saving money is always a benefit, but what good does it do if you can’t get assistance when you need it? With MyCompanyWorks and, you can call or email their knowledgeable support reps whenever you have questions or concerns.

3) Experience: No one wants their LLC formed by a fly-by-night company without any relevant experience. With and MyCompanyWorks, we’re discussing two highly experienced companies that have each formed thousands of businesses.

4) Efficiency: If you need your LLC formed quickly, that’s no problem whatsoever for these service providers. Both MyCompanyWorks and have expediting options available, and they can shorten your turnaround time from a matter of several weeks down to just a few days in many states.

5) Guaranteed Services: Both of these service providers have strong guarantees backing up their services. MyCompanyWorks has a 100% satisfaction guarantee that allows you to request a refund at any time within 90 days of purchase, for any reason.’s “Corporate Compliance Guarantee” says that if they make an error that leads to your filing being found invalid, they will correct the issue or pay you up to $75,000.

6) Additional Services: Are you in the market for other business services, beyond just getting your LLC formed? MyCompanyWorks and both offer a variety of additional services, from federal tax ID numbers (EIN) to registered agent service, and many more.

7) Educational: You can learn quite a bit about the business world from these providers, without even necessarily becoming a customer yourself. The learning center on’s website includes a large collection of how-to guides and business articles, while MyCompanyWorks offers a free LLC formation guidebook.


Side by Side Comparisons


You can get LLC formation service from MyCompanyWorks starting at $79 (plus state fee), which is a better price point than the $99 rate offered by (See Details)


Both of these companies provide everything you legally require to get your LLC off the ground: a business name availability check, and the preparation and filing of your articles of organization. The big difference is that doesn’t include any additional features except digital access to your documents, whereas MyCompanyWorks gives you access to their online compliance deadline reminder tool, and also provides you with an LLC operating agreement to outline the ownership structure and operating procedures of your company.

Experience has longevity that no other company in this industry can match. They formed way back in 1899, and they’ve formed 750,000+ businesses since then. MyCompanyWorks has a respectable amount of experience themselves, although with over 50,000 customers served since 2001, they’re obviously not on’s level when it comes to longevity or customer volume.

Customer Support

MyCompanyWorks has one of the most responsive customer service networks in the industry, as they respond to most calls and emails within 20 minutes. Their hours of operation run from 10:30am to 7:30pm ET on weekdays. has solid customer support as well, with helpful and friendly representatives that are available from 8am to 8pm ET on weekdays. We really appreciate their extended hours of operation, but they’re still not quite as quick to respond as MyCompanyWorks is.

Turnaround Times

Both of these service providers base their turnaround estimates on the requirements of each formation state, and they also both offer expediting service. While one may be slightly faster than the other in some select states, for the most part they are equals in this regard.

Order Tracking

MyCompanyWorks sends email updates to keep you apprised of what step of the formation process your LLC is in, but it’s not as convenient as the real-time order status tracking tool you have access to as an customer.

Registered Agent Service

While some service providers include registered agent as part of your LLC service package, MyCompanyWorks only bundles it into their top-tier $279 Complete package, and doesn’t include it with any of their packages.

However, MyCompanyWorks offers registered agent service for an annual fee of $99, which is a strong price point compared to most competitors ― but especially when compared to the ridiculous $235 per year that charges for the exact same service. (What is a registered agent?)

Customer Reviews

This category represents by far the biggest difference between these two companies. only has a few dozen reviews available online, and most of them are negative. Customer feedback is clearly not a pro for

However, MyCompanyWorks receives fantastic customer feedback. They have well over 2,000 reviews online, and almost all of them are very positive. Obviously, customer reviews are a massive advantage for MyCompanyWorks.

Ease of Use

With either one of these service providers, you’re getting an LLC formation service that’s much simpler to leverage than the hassles of the DIY route. They also both have solid websites with convenient user interfaces. All told, ease of use is a pro for both MyCompanyWorks and


Better Service to Form an LLC?

MyCompanyWorks and are two of the most popular LLC formation service providers in the industry. They’re both highly capable, and we’re confident that you will be pleased with the service you receive, no matter which one you choose.

If you haven’t been able to make up your mind yet, we’ll finish up this comparison guide by going over a few of the most common reasons to choose each of these companies. Regardless of whether you end up choosing MyCompanyWorks or, we wish you the best of luck!

Choose MyCompanyWorks if You Are:

Do you place a high value on customer reviews? Are you looking for the lowest price points? Perhaps you’re swayed by affordable registered agent service? These are some great reasons to choose MyCompanyWorks.

Choose if You Are:

Are you seeking the company with unrivaled longevity in this industry? is certainly worth a look if so.

Starting at $79


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