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List of LLC Service Reviews: Most Popular, Best Price & More

LLC Service ReviewsA quality online LLC formation service provides a middle ground for entrepreneurs who don’t want to DIY their formations, but also don’t have the budget to hire a lawyer to form an LLC.

We’ve reviewed all of the industry’s most popular LLC formation services, as well as many of the smaller providers, in an effort to help you decide which LLC service provider is the right choice for you.



IncFile strikes the perfect balance between a low starting price point of $49, and a great selection of features including a full year of registered agent service. They also have fantastic customer reviews, and overall they’re our favorite provider of LLC formation service. Read review.


Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent is a premium service provider with a reasonable price point that beats many of the more economy-minded LLC services. Their $69 base price point includes a full year of registered agent service, as well as Northwest’s next-level personalized customer support. Read review.



LegalZoom is the unquestioned leader for brand power and name recognition in the LLC services industry. They have millions of business customers, and their advertising reach is tremendous. Their prices are high, but they have the longest customer support hours of any LLC service provider, and they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Read review.



If your state has any further compliance requirements beyond the standard elements of LLC formation ― like initial reports or publication ― BizFilings is one of the only popular LLC formation providers that offers these services. They also include six months of registered agent service in all of their LLC packages. Read review.

Is longevity an important attribute to you? If so, look no further than They’ve been around since 1899, and they’ve served over 750,000 businesses since then. They also offer an impressive guarantee that pays you up to $75,000 if they make an error with your LLC filing and fail to correct it. Read review.



MyCorporation is the best option for entrepreneurs who want to bundle annual report service in with their LLC formation. For $99, they offer LLC service plus a year of managed annual reports, which is the best bargain in the industry for this combination of features. Read review.



With responsive customer service and strong client feedback, MyCompanyWorks is a customer-focused company providing reasonably priced LLC formations. They return most phone calls and emails in just 20 minutes during business hours, which is a big advantage compared to some competitors that can take a full day. Read review.


Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer does offer standalone LLC formation service, but their main draw is in their comprehensive legal services subscription. All new subscribers receive LLC service at no extra charge, and even though there’s a $39.99/month fee, they do offer a free one-week trial. Read review.



CorpNet doesn’t stand out in any one specific way, but they’re a well-rounded formation service with few negative attributes. They have reliable customer support, good client feedback, fair price points, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Read review.


SunDoc Filings

For those of you looking to form an LLC in California, SunDoc Filings is clearly a strong option. Their location in Sacramento, CA means they’re able to visit the California Secretary of State’s office several times per day. They offer 24-hour turnaround times for California LLCs, which obviously no other provider can top. Read review.


Nationwide Incorporators

The big advantage for Nationwide Incorporators is that all of their LLC formations are either drafted or reviewed by a business attorney before they’re filed with your state. They also have valuable coupon codes available on Yelp that can significantly reduce your costs if you choose to purchase one of their premium LLC packages. Read review.


Harbor Compliance

Does premium customer service with highly trained professional representatives appeal to you? Harbor Compliance assigns a dedicated Compliance Specialist to each customer, and that specialist walks you through each step of your formation. Their services do carry a premium price tag, but their support lives up to the billing in our opinion. Read review.


Swyft Filings

There are very few LLC services that can beat the $49 price point offered by Swyft Filings, and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee backing up their low prices, it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice. If you’re on a tight budget, they’re an even better option because they allow you to pay for your formation in two installments. Read review.


Direct Incorporation

They might not be the most exciting option for basic LLC formations, but if you need advanced features they’re one of your top options. Direct Incorporation offers trademark protections, full-service web design, logos and graphic design, and much more. They also have a legal services subscription, so they really do have a strong selection of advanced features available. Read review.



If you’re forming an LLC in the state of Delaware, IncNow is one of your top options. If you live in Delaware and wish to serve as your own registered agent, IncNow offers LLC formation service for as little as $9, which is easily the least expensive LLC service we’ve seen anywhere. Read review.


Harvard Business Services

If you’re forming an LLC in Delaware, Harvard Business Services is a great option. They have excellent customer feedback with thousands of reviews across the web, and they offer registered agent service for just $50 per year, which is a really low rate. Read review.



IncParadise is a great option for any LLC forming in the state of Nevada, as they offer some significant free extras for that state, including expedited filing. In addition, they offer lifetime registered agent service in any state for just $499, and none of their competitors offer a comparable service. Read review.


Incorporate Fast Inc

IncFast lives up to their name, with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry. They also include a full year of registered agent service with every one of their LLC service packages, along with an operating agreement which is a feature most competitors only include in premium packages. Read review.



InCorp offers a price match guarantee that says they’ll beat any competitor’s price on similar service, and they have some other welcome characteristics as well. They offer volume discounts on registered agent service, and they receive strong customer reviews too. Read review.