IncParadise LLC Service Review (Pros, Cons & More)

IncParadise LLC ReviewIncParadise opened in 2002, and since then they’ve formed over 11,000 businesses nationwide.

They’re a smaller fish in the big pond of online LLC services, yet they have some advantages that make them a strong contender to form your LLC.

This IncParadise LLC service review will help you determine if you’d like to use their services, by diving into the details of their formation packages. Are they the right choice for you?


Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of IncParadise:

  • Usually, with companies that offer one formation package with a la carte extras, those additional features are not priced favorably. That is not the case at all with IncParadise. For example, they will acquire your federal tax ID (EIN) for just $25, which is easily the lowest price available unless you want to do it yourself.
  • If you choose to pursue registered agent service from IncParadise along with your formation, their prices are again fantastic. Your first year costs $89, and every additional year you order is $40. They even offer lifetime registered agent for $499, a feature none of their competitors offer.
  • They don’t have a ton of customer feedback available online, but what they do have is as good as it can get. All of their ratings are perfect scores, with the exception of just one review.
  • IncParadise specializes in Nevada formations, and offers some significant free extras for that state. For example, you even get expedited filing at no extra charge, meaning you’ll have your LLC formed within 3 business days in most cases.

Disadvantages of IncParadise:

  • There are more affordable LLC services than IncParadise that offer more features at a lower cost. (Learn More)
  • If you want to form in a state other than Nevada, there aren’t as many reasons to use IncParadise. They do offer service in all 50 states, but Nevada is their specialty for a reason.


IncParadise LLC Packages

IncParadise doesn’t offer multiple service packages for LLC formation. Instead, they have one base package and some a la carte features. Of course, different businesses have different compliance requirements, so your personal preferences may not align with what I see as the best option.

Still, let’s discuss which combination of features is the best solution for the majority of new LLCs.

The LLC formation package starts at $89 plus state fee. It includes a company name availability check, the preparation of your articles of organization and the filing of all relevant documents. In addition, they’ll send your completed formation documents to you, and provide you with a collection of sample forms.

Some of these features do vary slightly in price and availability by state, so if you do still have questions once we’re finished, you might want to direct them to an IncParadise customer service rep.

  • EIN Obtainment ($25): With an EIN, you can open business bank accounts, staff your company, pay taxes, etc.
  • Registered Agent ($89 1st year, then $40): They’ll receive your official government documents, alerting you and forwarding them to you.
  • Certificate of Good Standing ($70): A document which proves your company’s existence and current compliance. Typically used for loan applications, ownership structure changes, etc.
  • Apostille ($94): Authenticates your documents to allow the operation of your LLC by an entity in a foreign country.
  • Custom Minutes ($20): They will prepare minutes for your corporate meetings, ensuring you stay on task and compliant.
  • LLC Kit & Seal ($74): A symbolic feature consisting of a binder and wax seal. This replicates antiquated methods of authenticating documents.
  • Doing Business As (DBA) Name ($70): They’ll acquire a fictitious name for your company, enabling you to officially conduct business under multiple names.

Keep in mind that these are only the most common features. Some states have different services available than others, and things like foreign qualifications and expediting vary in price.

In general, I advise adding an EIN and at least a year of registered agent to your formation package. With IncParadise, that comes to $203 plus state fee, which is an entirely reasonable price point for this combination of features.


What Are Other Entrepreneurs Saying?

There isn’t a whole lot out there when it comes to customer feedback for IncParadise. Still, considering that they are a relatively small company when compared to some of their competitors, it’s not too surprising that I was only able to find about 25 reviews. If you would like to read them yourself, which I recommend, you can find them primarily at Google, with some others on Yelp and Facebook.

For the most part, their customers like to talk about how easy it is to get ahold of their service reps, as well as how quick their turnaround times are. While it would be great to see a larger volume of feedback, it’s impossible to argue with the quality of the reviews that I did find.


Should You Use IncParadise?

IncParadise is one of the top LLC formation services for Nevada, and they do a solid job in other states as well. No two businesses are exactly alike though, so I’ll close by boiling it all down to a couple scenarios where you might be more or less inclined to use IncParadise for LLC service.

When to Use IncParadise:

If you are forming an LLC in Nevada, they have lots of advantages like free expediting. Additionally, their prices for features like an EIN and discounted pre-paid registered agent service are top-notch.

When NOT to Use IncParadise:

If you’re forming outside of Nevada, there’s a good chance you can find better deals elsewhere. Also, some states don’t have many advanced features available.

Final Verdict:

With their unique advantages for Nevada LLCs and their low rates on many advanced features, IncParadise is a good provider of LLC services. If you still want to look through some other options, you can take a look at our top 7 LLC services guide. Of course, if you’re ready you can form your LLC at any time with IncParadise.

Starting at $89

  • A great service if you want
  • to form an LLC in Nevada