IncParadise LLC Service Alternatives (Top Recommendations)

Top_3_IncParadise_AlternativesAre you in the process of forming a new LLC, but you’re not entirely certain that IncParadise is the right service provider to help you out? Quite a few companies provide LLC formation services online these days, so it’s important to make sure you’re hiring the best fit for your business.

In this IncParadise LLC service alternatives guide, you’ll find information about some of their top competitors. Let’s find out how IncParadise compares to these industry-leading LLC services.

IncFile is really popular among entrepreneurs because they combine low prices with valuable features. They also have quite a bit of experience, with 100,000+ customers helped since they opened in 2004. How do they stack up next to IncParadise?

  • With a base rate of $49 (plus state fee), IncFile is considerably cheaper than IncParadise’s $89 price point.
  • One of IncFile’s big advantages is that they provide a full year of registered agent service with any formation package. You can also acquire an EIN with your formation and registered agent in IncFile’s Gold package, which costs $149. IncParadise charges $203 for a comparable service package. (What is a registered agent?)
  • Customer feedback is a big pro for IncFile. They have well over 2,000 reviews available online, and they’re nearly universally positive.

My only complaint about IncFile is that it can sometimes take awhile to get in touch with their customer support reps. On occasion, I’ve actually had to wait over 24 hours to hear back from them, but I will say that their support agents are quite helpful once you get ahold of them. Overall, IncFile is a great service provider with very few negatives.

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Another top option is CorpNet. Their ownership group has an experience level roughly equal to IncFile, with over 100,000 clients served since 1997. How do they compare side-by-side with IncParadise?

  • CorpNet’s basic formation package starts at $108 (plus state fee), which is obviously higher than both IncParadise ($89) and IncFile ($49).
  • If you’re seeking the combination of LLC formation, registered agent and an EIN, CorpNet can provide these features in a bundled package for $228. Again, this is more expensive than either IncParadise ($203) or IncFile’s ($149) comparable service packages.
  • If you’re still a bit uneasy about your purchase, CorpNet covers all of their services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ultimately less than satisfied with your LLC formation service, simply ask for a refund and they’ll pay back your service fees.

Finally, CorpNet also has overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, with hundreds of reviews available to read through across the web. At the end of the day, I’m a big fan of just about everything CorpNet does, but I’m not in love with their pricing.

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Next up is LegalZoom, which has a level of brand power and customer volume that none of these other LLC websites can touch. They opened for business back in 1999, and since then they’ve served nearly 4 million customers. Do they compare favorably to IncParadise?

  • LegalZoom is easily the most expensive option discussed in this guide. Their pricing for LLC service starts at $79 (plus state fee), which is a reasonable cost.
  • Looking to add registered agent and an EIN? Because LegalZoom doesn’t include either of them in their base package, your total cost can add up quickly.
  • Much like CorpNet, LegalZoom has a satisfaction guarantee that covers any purchase you make from them.
  • One part of LegalZoom’s LLC service that I really do like is their extended customer service hours, which none of the other companies in this guide can compete with. You can call them from 8am-10pm ET on weekdays, and they’re also available on the weekends from 10am-7pm ET.

LegalZoom’s customer feedback is a bit hit or miss, with quite a few critical reviews in addition to their many positive reviews. While they do have a handful of disadvantages in my opinion, LegalZoom is still an incredibly popular option for LLC service, and their customer support hours can be really convenient too.

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Final Verdict

These service providers each have their own unique advantages that appeal to a section of the market.

Generally speaking, IncFile has the best pricing on LLC formations, while IncParadise has the lowest rates on other services like registered agent and EIN. LegalZoom has the edge when it comes to brand power, whereas CorpNet offers generally well-rounded service packages.

To be perfectly honest, I find all of these services to be quite easy to recommend. Personally, my favorite is IncFile. Their prices really are phenomenal, and they don’t skimp on features either.