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Incorporate Fast Inc LLC Service Review (Advantages & Disadvantages)

Incorporate Fast LLC ReviewIncorporate Fast Inc (also known as IncFast) opened in 2002, and they’ve formed over 25,000 companies in those years.

There’s a lot of competition for LLC formations online, but IncFast has managed to secure a relevant spot in the industry landscape.

This IncFast LLC service review highlights the crucial info you need to make the right decision on whether to use their services, or perhaps look elsewhere.


Advantages & Disadvantages

Advantages of IncFast:

– Every one of their LLC formation packages includes a year of registered agent service. Seeing as most businesses need registered agent anyway, it’s nice to have it bundled in with each package.

– In addition, they include an LLC operating agreement in all of their formation packages. Many competitors only include operating agreements with their premium packages.

– With IncFast’s online portal, you have access to a variety of compliance tools that can help you keep up with any ongoing LLC maintenance requirements. You can also access your formation documents and other state forms through this same portal, so it’s really quite convenient.

– They live up to their name in more ways than one. Their processing times are among the fastest in the industry, and they also claim that you can fill out their entire LLC service application in just five minutes.

– IncFast’s website includes detailed estimates for turnaround times, down to the time of day they expect to have your LLC formed by. No competitors give estimates this precise.

Disadvantages of IncFast:

– There are very few online customer reviews for IncFast. For a company that’s served thousands of customers in 15+ years, it’s a bit odd to say the least.

– Their Premium service package costs $299 but doesn’t have the features to justify that high price point.


IncFast LLC Formation Packages

IncFast provides customers with three options for LLC service: Basic, Deluxe, and Premium. If you want to take a look at how IncFast describes these packages in their own words, check out their website right here.


Basic = $99 + State Fee

– Name Availability Searches: IncFast will search your formation state’s official business database to ensure that your desired LLC name is available, and hasn’t already been claimed by another entity or individual.

– Articles of Organization (Preparation and Filing): The articles of organization are the documents filed with your state of formation to officially create your LLC as a business entity. IncFast will draft these documents for you, and file them with the state.

– One Year Registered Agent Service: Every LLC needs a registered agent, which is a person or entity who receives important document deliveries from your state, then forwards them on to you. IncFast will provide this service for one year, after which you can purchase registered agent from them for $125 per year, although you are under no obligation to do so.

– IncFast Online Portal: Using their online portal, you can access copies of your state forms, as well as keep track of important compliance requirements and filing deadlines.

– Operating Agreement: This document is used to outline the ownership roles for your LLC, as well as to describe some rules for how it should be operated. An operating agreement is not legally required in most states, but it’s always advisable.


Deluxe = $199 + State Fee

Everything from the Basic package, plus…

– Federal Tax ID Number (EIN): An EIN is basically a Social Security Number for your business, as it is a 9-digit number that allows you to hire employees, open business bank accounts, file business taxes, and more. IncFast will obtain your EIN from the IRS.

– Membership Certificates: Forms that indicate the membership status of your LLC member/owners.

– Banking Resolution: This feature is somewhat redundant due to the inclusion of an EIN in this package.


Premium = $299 + State Fee

Everything from the Deluxe package, plus…

– LLC Kit and Seal: A binder with your company name printed on it, along with a decorative seal customized with your LLC info.


IncFast Customer Reviews

Whereas some competitors have hundreds or even thousands of customer reviews available, IncFast has just nine reviews that we were able to find. With 15+ years in business and thousands of clients, you’d expect to find a higher volume of reviews, but unfortunately that’s not the case here.

While it’s a good thing that there’s not much critical feedback out there like there is with some of their competitors, it would be nice to see some more reviews about the IncFast customer experience.

– Google: 4.0 out of 5 stars (4 reviews)

– Yelp: 4.0 out of 5 stars (5 reviews)


Is There a Better IncFast Alternative?

There are dozens of online LLC service providers these days, so if IncFast doesn’t feel like the right fit for your business, you have plenty of other options. With that in mind, let’s see how they stack up compared to IncFile, our favorite LLC service.

IncFile’s biggest advantage is in their $49 base price point, which is obviously considerably cheaper than IncFast’s $99 package. IncFile also has thousands of customer reviews across the web, and the vast majority of them are highly positive in nature.

While both of these services have plenty of advantages, we prefer IncFile for most of our readers.


Is IncFast Right For You?

IncFast is a strong contender to provide your company with LLC formation service. They have quick filing times and they include a full year of registered agent service in every formation package. Still, no one service provider is the right answer for every single type of business, so let’s close by reviewing some situations where they may or may not be of use to you.

When to Use IncFast:

If you’re looking for quick turnaround times and don’t need a lot of advanced features with your formation, IncFast should be a good fit for your company.

When NOT to Use IncFast:

Some competitors can form your LLC for cheaper, and there are also ways to get better bundles of advanced features. Of course, if you need to read customer reviews, IncFast might not be for you either.

Final Verdict:

Their speedy service and well-balanced features make IncFast one of the top online LLC formation services.

Incorporate Fast
Starting at $99

  • A great service if you want
  • a speedy LLC filing service

Frequently Asked IncFast Questions

Does IncFast Offer Any Discounts?

We couldn’t find any active discounts for IncFast, but because their prices are reasonable to begin with, we don’t view that as an issue at all.

Does IncFast Have Good Customer Support?

Unlike some competitors, IncFast does not outsource their customer service to anonymous call centers. Instead, all IncFast customers receive service from employees located at their Pasadena, CA offices. Their knowledgeable and friendly representatives are available from 11am until 8pm ET on weekdays.

Do They Have a Refund Policy?

If you request a refund within 60 days of your purchase date, IncFast will refund your money less a $60 document processing fee.

Can I Form an LLC on My Own?

You certainly do have the option to DIY your LLC formation, and many entrepreneurs do. The issue with doing this is that every state has different requirements for forming an LLC, so there can be more legwork required than you might expect. On the other end of the spectrum, some people hire lawyers to form their LLCs, but this route is much more expensive than using an online LLC service.