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Last updated on: February 5th, 2019

IncFast vs IncFile (Who’s Your Top Choice?)

Incorporate Fast vs IncFileDo you need to form a new LLC, but the DIY route seems like too much of a hassle to bother with? Thankfully, there are quite a few companies providing LLC formation services, but it’s not always easy to figure out which one has the best interests of your business in mind.

In this IncFast vs IncFile LLC service comparison, we’ll take a look at their main similarities and differences. By the time you’re done reading, we hope you have a better idea of which service is right for you.

* Note: If you would like to compare the top LLC services, we reviewed and ranked the best based on overall value-price-reliability. See Comparison.


Quick Summary

IncFast and IncFile are two of the most popular LLC formation services available online, and either one of them will do a good job of forming your new business. Still, for most of our readers, we do prefer IncFile for a few reasons.

First off, IncFile’s baseline price point of $49 is less than half as expensive as the $99 starting price charged by IncFast. Additionally, IncFile has many more positive customer reviews than IncFast.

Still need more info before making your decision? Read on to learn all about the most important details of these two high-quality LLC formation services.


6 Things They Have In Common

1) Affordable: Both IncFast (also known as Incorporate Fast Inc) and IncFile are capable of saving you a significant amount of money over hiring a traditional law firm to draft and file your articles of organization. These services are hundreds of dollars less expensive than a lawyer’s fees.

2) Customer Support: Saving money is great, but receiving professional assistance forming your LLC is also highly important. With IncFile and IncFast, you get access to their helpful, knowledgeable customer support agents. If you have questions or concerns, the answers are just a phone call away.

3) Experience: Do you place a high value on experience? With either IncFast or IncFile, you’re dealing with a company that has helped form thousands of LLCs. With so many formations under their belts, you can trust these service providers to get the job done right.

4) Registered Agent Service: Most companies need registered agent service to receive and forward your important government documents. Both IncFast and IncFile offer your first full year of registered agent at no extra charge when you order any level of LLC service.

5) Efficiency: Do you need your LLC formed sooner rather than later? IncFile and IncFast can both expedite your order (for an extra fee, of course) to get your formation finished in a matter of mere days in many states.

6) Additional Services: Are you seeking other business services in addition to your LLC formation? IncFast and IncFile provide quite a few other business solutions, including federal tax ID numbers (EIN), annual reports, foreign qualifications, and much more.


Side by Side Comparisons


With a base rate for LLC service that starts at $49, IncFile can save you a good chunk of money compared to IncFast’s $99 starting price. (See Details)


For the most part, these two companies offer very similar feature sets with their LLC formation packages. There are some small differences though, like IncFile including a 30-minute business tax consultation and IncFast bundling in an LLC operating agreement.


IncFast opened in 2002, and they’ve served 25,000+ business clients since then. IncFile handles a larger volume of customers, as they’ve helped over 150,000 entrepreneurs with business services since they opened their doors in 2004.

Customer Support

Both of these service providers have relatively similar customer service hours, and their support teams both offer professional, helpful advice. The one difference we’ve noticed between the two is that it’s easier to get in touch with IncFast. At times, IncFile can take more than a full business day to return phone calls and emails.

Turnaround Times

IncFile and IncFast both have turnaround times that vary depending on your state of formation’s processing speed. IncFast has a really slick real-time processing estimate tool that shows you a target date and time for your LLC formation. Aside from that, we recommend checking both services’ websites to get estimates for your state, although in most cases they’re within a couple days of each other.

Order Tracking

IncFile has a real-time order status tracking tool that actually reminds us quite a bit of IncFast’s turnaround time tool. As for IncFast, you can log into your account on their website to check the status of your LLC formation, but it’s not as fancy as IncFile’s methods.

Registered Agent Service

As we mentioned earlier, both of these companies offer 12 months of registered agent with any level of LLC formation package. Beyond that, IncFast charges $125 per year, while IncFile has a $119 annual fee for registered agent service. (What is a Registered Agent?)

Customer Reviews

There’s a pretty big difference between these two companies in this area. IncFile has well over 7,000 reviews available across the web, and nearly all of them are very positive in nature. On the other hand, we found just nine total reviews for IncFast ― they’re mostly positive, but it’s an awfully small sample size.

Ease of Use

It’s no surprise seeing as IncFile is the much bigger company, but their website is definitely a bit more intuitive than IncFast’s site. In this case, it’s more of a minor convenience advantage than anything else, as IncFast’s site is also perfectly functional.


Better Service to Form an LLC?

IncFast and IncFile are two of the leading companies in the LLC services industry, and they can both save you hundreds compared to hiring a business attorney to form your new company. These are both great options, so it wouldn’t be surprising if you’re still undecided.

To help you decide, we’ll finish off this comparison with a look at some scenarios that might help you make up your mind between the two services.

Choose IncFast if You Are:

Do you want quick and responsive customer support? Do you prefer to use small businesses rather than major providers? These are a couple strong reasons to pick IncFast.

Choose IncFile if You Are:

Are you seeking the lowest prices, but you don’t want to skimp on features? IncFile should be a good fit for your business.

Incorporate Fast
Starting at $99

  • Best if you want
  • a faster LLC website