Harbor Compliance vs IncFile (Who’s Your Best Bet?)

Harbor Compliance vs IncFileDo you want to form a new LLC, but you aren’t comfortable going it alone?

With service providers like Harbor Compliance and IncFile, you can get quality assistance throughout the formation process, but how do you decide which company is right for you?

In this Harbor Compliance vs IncFile LLC service comparison, you’ll find all the important info you need to know about their main common points and differences. Let’s figure out which company is the right pick to help you form your LLC.

* Quick Note: If you would like to compare the top LLC services, we reviewed and ranked the best based on overall value-price-reliability. See Comparison.


7 Things They Have In Common

  • Affordable: Harbor Compliance and IncFile are both capable of saving you a significant amount of money. If you hire a law firm to draft and file your formation documents, you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars more than you would with one of these service providers.
  • Good Customer Support: While it’s always nice to save money, you probably don’t want to go the full DIY route either. IncFile and Harbor Compliance both have helpful and professional customer support representatives that can answer your tough questions, leaving you more time to focus on running your business.
  • Experienced: Both of these service providers have strong track records and plenty of experience. Harbor Compliance and IncFile have each formed thousands of businesses over the years, and they’re capable and worthy of forming your LLC as well.
  • Great Customer Reviews: Even with thousands of customers each, these companies still maintain strong customer feedback. Clients of both IncFile and Harbor Compliance write glowing reviews, which you can find easily available online.
  • Add On Services: Most businesses need registered agent service to receive and forward important government documents. Harbor Compliance and IncFile both include registered agent with any LLC formation service package, which is both convenient and cost-effective.
  • Fast LLC Filing: Are you in a hurry to get your LLC up and running? IncFile and Harbor Compliance can expedite your formation, which cuts your turnaround times to mere days in most states. There is an additional cost for rush processing, but it can certainly be worth it.
  • Your Info Is Safe: Your online security is a major priority for both companies. They each use Norton Web Security to protect their sites from malware and encrypts data transmissions. Your private information will remain private.


Side by Side Comparisons


While these companies both provide LLC service, their offerings differ in many significant ways, the first of which is price. IncFile starts their formation service at $49 plus state fee, while Harbor Compliance charges $399. (See Details)


The first major factor that sets these companies apart is Harbor Compliance’s premium customer service. They assign a Compliance Guide to each client, and that employee personally guides you through the formation process. In addition, any Harbor Compliance formation package includes a federal tax ID number (EIN) and a customized operating agreement. While IncFile doesn’t include any of these features in their base formation package, they do offer a business tax consultation which Harbor Compliance doesn’t provide.


Harbor Compliance has only been open since 2012, but they’ve already served 10,000+ customers since they formed. IncFile has a higher volume of customers, with over 150,000 business formations, and they’ve been open since 2004.

Customer Support

I already mentioned Harbor Compliance’s elite customer support system, and their hours of operation vary a bit from week to week. IncFile has strong customer service as well, but their agents aren’t nearly as specialized in their expertise as Harbor Compliance’s reps. IncFile is open from 10am to 7pm ET on weekdays.

Turnaround Times

Both of these providers have processing times that vary depending on your state of formation, and you can find state-by-state estimates on their websites. In general, Harbor Compliance and IncFile are quite similar when it comes to turnarounds, but I do advise that you check their sites to get estimates for your state.

Order Tracking

IncFile has an impressive real-time order tracking tool available on their website, so you’ll never be left wondering where you stand. Harbor Compliance also makes it easy to follow your formation’s progress, but their status tracking system is a bit less tech-savvy than IncFile’s is.

Registered Agent Service

Both IncFile and Harbor Compliance bundle registered agent service in with your LLC formation package, which is an excellent value. In addition, these companies both have the exact same price point for registered agent beyond the year they include with your formation, at the reasonable rate of $119 per year. (What is a Registered Agent?)

Customer Reviews

Customer feedback is a major pro for both of these providers. IncFile has well over 2,000 reviews available online, and the vast majority are positive in nature.

Harbor Compliance also receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from their clients, but as a younger company it’s no surprise that they don’t have the same volume of reviews that IncFile has. Still, Harbor Compliance does have several dozen online reviews, and they are nearly all positive.

Ease of Use

Either of these companies can make your life much easier by eliminating many of the hassles that come with LLC formation. Additionally, they have convenient user-friendly websites that make finding and purchasing their products a breeze. I see this area as being relatively equal between these two providers.


Which Is Right For You?

With Harbor Compliance and IncFile, we have two respected companies that are both capable of quickly forming your compliant LLC. They both have established track records in the LLC services industry, and they can both save you hundreds of dollars over hiring a traditional attorney.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, let’s finish this comparison by discussing some scenarios which might lead you to prefer one company or the other.

When To Choose Harbor Compliance:

Does their premium customer support appeal to you? Perhaps you want a complete formation package with advanced features? If so, give Harbor Compliance a long look.

When To Choose IncFile:

Do you prioritize the lowest prices and a high volume of customers? These are a couple of the main reasons customers choose IncFile.

Harbor Compliance
Starting at $399

  • Best if you value
  • a complete LLC formation package