Direct Incorporation LLC Service Alternatives (Who's Your Best Bet?)

Direct Incorporation LLC Service AlternativesDo you need to form a new LLC, but you’re not sure if Direct Incorporation is the right choice to assist you?

There are plenty of LLC services out there, so it’s important to find that sweet spot of pricing and features you need.

In this Direct Incorporation LLC service alternatives guide, you’ll find information on their top competitors. Let’s find out if they’re right for you, or if a different company might be a better fit for your business.

IncFile has plenty of experience over the years, with over 150,000 businesses served since 2004. They’re one of the best LLC service providers, with a number of customer-friendly features. How do they stack up next to Direct Incorporation?

  • With a starting price of $49 (plus state fee), IncFile has one of the best rates for LLC service in the industry. They can definitely save you some cash over Direct Incorporation’s $139 price tag.
  • The majority of LLCs require registered agent service to receive and forward your important government documents. With IncFile, you get a full year of registered agent with any formation package, which is a big advantage compared to Direct Incorporation, who doesn’t include registered agent in any service package.
  • If you’re a fan of great customer reviews (who isn’t?), IncFile has you covered. They have thousands of reviews, and the vast majority of their feedback is positive. Even with such a high volume of reviews, it’s difficult to find many unsatisfied customers.

While I have had some personal issues with long wait times, most customers seem pleased with IncFile’s support network. In summary, IncFile has a lot going for them, and they deserve a long look for anyone who needs LLC service.

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Like IncFile, CorpNet’s owners have helped 100,000+ customers since they started providing business services in 1997. What makes them such a popular choice?

  • Their price point of $108 (plus state fee) is cheaper than Direct Incorporation, but not as affordable as IncFile.
  • If you would like registered agent service and an EIN with your formation package, CorpNet’s Deluxe bundle includes all of these features for $228. Again, this is higher than IncFile ($149), but Direct Incorporation doesn’t offer registered agent at all.
  • With CorpNet, any purchase is covered by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t entirely pleased with your LLC service, they’ll refund their service fees.

Finally, CorpNet is another company that gets great customer reviews. They don’t quite have the same volume of feedback that IncFile has, but they still have several hundred reviews and most of them are very positive.

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If you’re looking for the most experienced company, you might want to take a look at LegalZoom. They’ve been open since 1999, and since then they’ve served nearly 4 million customers. Let’s see how they compare to Direct Incorporation.

  • This LLC website will form your LLC for $79 plus state fee.
  • LegalZoom doesn’t include registered agent or EIN in any service package, which means you will have to add them a la carte.
  • One of LegalZoom’s biggest advantages is their customer service hours, which are by far the longest in the industry. They’re available from 8am-10pm ET on weekdays and 10am-7pm ET on weekends. The ability to get questions answered outside of standard business hours is always welcome.

They don’t have the lowest prices or the best customer reviews, but LegalZoom still has some advantages of their own. They’re one of the most popular companies in this industry.

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Final Thoughts

All of these service providers are entirely capable of forming your new LLC. They provide efficient formation service at fair rates that save you hundreds of dollars compared to hiring a lawyer to draft and file your formation papers.

In general, IncFile has the best prices, LegalZoom is the industry giant, CorpNet has well-rounded services, and Direct Incorporation offers some unique advanced features.

Your personal preference may vary based on your priorities, but for me it’s tough to top IncFile. They have a nice balance of low prices and smartly bundled feature packages, and that’s a can’t-miss combination in my book.