CorpNet LLC Service Alternatives (Top 3 Picks)

Are you ready to start an LLC, but you could use some assistance with the formation process? Companies like CorpNet can provide LLC services at fair rates, but how are you supposed to figure out which one has the pricing and features you’re looking for?

This CorpNet LLC service alternatives guide is structured to give you a look at 3 of their top competitors. Is one of them a better fit for your business?

Best Service Alternative

While the providers we’ve discussed previously all have a solid level of experience, LegalZoom is one of the industry leaders. They handle a huge volume of customers, with 4 million served since 1999, and about half of those customers are business clients. How do they compare otherwise?

  • Their base rate of $79 is a bit more affordable than CorpNet. Unfortunately, that price does not include registered agent or EIN obtainment — and neither do any of their higher-priced LLC service packages — so you’ll need to add those features a la carte.
  • They offer extended customer service hours that run from 8am to 10pm ET Monday through Friday, and they’re also available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 7pm ET. This can really help if you don’t want to take time out of your operating hours to get your questions answered.

LegalZoom has a clear advantage over the competition when it comes to brand power and customer volume. Additionally, they also offer a satisfaction guarantee which removes the risk from purchasing their products and services.

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MyCompanyWorks has plenty of experience, but they’re not quite on the level of IncFile or LegalZoom, as they’ve formed 50,000+ businesses since 2001. As a somewhat smaller company, their customers enjoy the personal touch they’re able to provide, as well as some other advantages.

  • MyCompanyWorks starts their LLC service at a price point of $79 (before state fee). For an additional $200, you can jump up to a package that includes registered agent and an EIN, bringing your total to $279.
  • Any service you purchase from MyCompanyWorks is covered by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Some of their competitors can take a full 24 hours to respond to your questions and concerns. On the other hand, MyCompanyWorks typically gets back to you within 20 minutes if you call or email them during business hours.

Finally, you won’t need to be concerned about missing a step in the formation process. MyCompanyWorks supplies their customers with a step-by-step LLC formation checklist that ensures you’re aware of any additional requirements.

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Final Thoughts

All of these companies share some common ground, like their ability to efficiently form your compliant LLC. They’re also all capable of saving you a significant sum of money over hiring a traditional law firm to draft and file your formation documents.

Depending on your priorities, you may prefer one of these providers over the others. IncFile has the best price points, while LegalZoom has the experience advantage. CorpNet offers well-rounded services, while MyCompanyWorks hangs their hat on speedy service.

If I had to pick a favorite CorpNet alternative, I would probably choose IncFile. Their low prices and quality features are a great combination for any entrepreneur.