What Is Corporate Income Tax?

Nobody loves paying taxes, but they’re inevitable, and if you want to continue doing business as a corporation, you need to pay them. Not paying taxes could cost you your good standing, and if you let your corporate taxes go unchecked, your state could even dissolve your business. The most … Read more about What Is Corporate Income Tax?

How Is a Corporation Taxed?

Taxes are a non-negotiable part of conducting business. Unfortunately, taxes can be overwhelming, especially for corporations. For one thing, the tax code changes a little bit each year, and then there are all the different types of taxes that apply to a business: corporate income taxes, business … Read more about How Is a Corporation Taxed?

What is an S Corporation?

If you’ve done any research on corporations, then you’ve likely encountered the terms “C corporation” and “S corporation.” C corporations are the most common — when you form a corporation, you create a C corporation by default. Converting a C corporation to an S corporation requires additional … Read more about What is an S Corporation?

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