Active Filings vs IncFile (Who is Better?)

Active Filings vs IncfileAre you looking to form a new LLC, but you’re not excited about all the hassles of the DIY option?

Fortunately, there are plenty of companies like Active Filings and IncFile to help guide you through the formation process, but how are you supposed to figure out which one you should use?

This Active Filings vs IncFile LLC service comparison takes a look at their common characteristics and defining differences. When you’re done reading, I hope you have a clearer idea of which one is the best fit to assist with your LLC formation.

* Quick Note: If you would like to compare the top LLC services, we reviewed and ranked the best based on overall value-price-reliability. See Comparison.


7 Things They Have In Common

  • Very Affordable: Active Filings and IncFile are both capable of saving you hundreds of dollars compared to hiring a business lawyer to draft and file your formation articles.
  • Good Customer Support: On the other side of the coin, it’s not all about saving money. These service providers both have extensive customer support networks that ensure help is only a phone call away. With Active Filings and IncFile, you can get your questions answered quickly, without wasting too much time trying to find your own answers.
  • Experience: If experience is an important factor for you, you can rest easy with Active Filings and IncFile. Both companies have formed thousands of businesses over the years, and you can trust that they’re legitimate operations and they definitely know what they’re doing.
  • Free Registered Agent: The majority of businesses require registered agent service to receive and forward important legal documents via mail. Both Active Filings and IncFile include your first full year of registered agent at no extra charge with any LLC formation package. (What is a registered agent?)
  • High Praise From Customers: While IncFile certainly has a much higher volume of reviews than Active Filings does, they both receive almost universally high scores. It’s quite reassuring to be able to read glowing reviews written by entrepreneurs like you.
  • Your Info Is Secure: Another aspect of these services that helps instill confidence in customers is the way they secure their websites against malware and other vulnerabilities. Active Filings protects their site with both the Authorize.Net merchant verification service to safeguard your online purchases, and GoDaddy Verify Security to defend against viruses. IncFile uses Norton Web Security, which is also a powerful internet security tool.
  • Fast Incorporation: Need to form your LLC in a hurry? No worry! Active Filings and IncFile both have rush processing options that can get your company formed in a matter of days in most states. Obviously, this service has extra fees associated with it, but it can be worth it if time is of the essence.


Side by Side Comparisons


Active Filings charges $25 plus state fee for their basic LLC formation service. With a base rate of $49, IncFile is obviously a little more expensive.


For the most part, these companies offer quite similar feature sets with their formation services. Most importantly, both include 12 months of registered agent service with any LLC formation purchase.

Active Filings is also a top option for Spanish-speaking customers, as they have bilingual phone agents and a Spanish-language version of their website. IncFile does have a couple of features Active Filings lacks however, like a one-hour business tax consultation.


Active Filings opened for business back in 2001, and they’ve served 60,000+ customers in that time. IncFile has a bit more experience, with over 150,000 clients served since 2004.

Customer Support

Which company you prefer in this area likely comes down to some personal preferences.

IncFile has longer customer support hours, as they’re available on weekdays from 10am-7pm ET, while Active Filings is open from 9am-5pm ET Monday through Friday. However, in my experience it’s very easy to get ahold of Active Filings if you call during their operating hours, while I’ve had 24+ hour wait times with IncFile.

Turnaround Times

Processing times for both of these companies vary depending on which state you’re forming an LLC in. With Active Filings, your turnaround time estimate could range from 2 days to 11 weeks. IncFile is a bit quicker on average, with estimates as low as 1 business day and as high as 6 weeks.

Order Tracking

IncFile has a pretty fancy real-time order status tracking tool on their website. While Active Filings has a simpler tool, you can still check your formation’s status on their site in your user account.

Registered Agent Service

Registered agent is a major selling point for both of these companies, as they each provide a full year of registered agent service with any LLC formation package. After that first free year, Active Filings charges $99 and IncFile charges $119 per year.

Customer Reviews

Both Active Filings and IncFile receive excellent feedback from their customers. The only major difference is in the volume of reviews that each company has. Whereas Active Filings has a couple dozen reviews online, IncFile has a couple thousand.

Ease of Use

I don’t have much of a preference in this area. IncFile’s website is a bit more streamlined than the Active Filings site, so I’ll give IncFile a slight advantage.



Active Filings and IncFile are both trustworthy and legitimate choices to help form your new LLC. Both of them have plenty of experience, and price points that can save you hundreds of dollars compared to hiring a business attorney to draft and file your formation documents.

If you remain undecided, let’s conclude this comparison by discussing scenarios in which one or the other might be preferable.

Choose Active Filings if You Are:

Do you prefer assistance in Spanish? Do you prioritize quick and responsive customer support? These are a couple of the top reasons customers choose Active Filings.

Choose IncFile if You Are:

Are you seeking the lowest prices? Are you drawn to a large volume of top-notch customer reviews? If these are your priorities, IncFile should be a great fit for your company.

Active Filings
Starting at $25

  • Best if you want
  • lower prices & bilingual support